It’s Not Easter, It’s Cesar Chavez’ Birthday


Google celebrated Easter by celebrating the birthday of union organizer and rabble-rouser, Cesar Chavez.


Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association with Dolores Huerta, both leftists. Chavez used the rhetoric and tactics of Marxist class warfare.

His legacy is to have made no difference whatsoever in the lives of farmworkers.

Some on the left are trying to make Chavez into a legendary folk hero. The legend doesn’t match the reality. Chavez held protests on behalf of farm workers with a small following and lots of media following him around as they did the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

Ironically, Chavez didn’t believe in open borders which would put him at odds with his current day admirers.

Michelle Malkin expressed annoyance with google on her site Twitchy by compiling tweets of people unhappy with google’s choice.

The left blogs are attacking her and every conservative who dares to complain. Some on the left are making a point of the Catholic Journal commemorating the Chavez birthday so everyone else has to agree I suppose.

Google is so big they don’t care what people think. They do whatever they want.

There is a war on Easter and the word “Easter” has been banned from schools and stores. Such irony! Christ is out, punks are in.

Bing had nothing.


Yahoo commemorated Easter with displays for advertisements.

Coincidentally, the White House proclaimed Easter Sunday as Cesar Chavez Day.

I don’t get upset anymore. I just don’t like any of these leftists.