It’s So Cool Being a Rich Liberal Obamacrat


It’s so cool being a rich liberal democrat like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet or David Letterman. They love you in Roslyn, on West 77th street, and in Beverly Hills. Adored by Barack, Nancy, Harry, and Chuckie.

Rich liberal democrats have it made!

One thing is certain. You can become a visionary, create a new industry, make lots of money, produce wealth and jobs for many  people, JUST DON’T EVER BECOME A REPUBLICAN!
 Chris Matthews didn’t get a “tingle up his leg” while  listening to Clint talk to the empty chair.

So how do rich liberal democrats handle Mitt Romney, founder of Bain Capital, so successful, a great family-man, former Governor of Massachusetts who resurrected the Olympics?

Romney is a true American icon!

You hear the media, and I suppose we will hear them until
 November 6th.

“Romney has no foreign affairs experience!”  

Really? I guess only being a Community Organizer can prepare you to deal with China, Afghanistan, the mid-east and the UN!

“Romney doesn’t “relate” to the middle class enough to help solve their problems.”

I know that since Obama has entered the multi-millionaire class he can now  look back at his time as a college professor  and truly understand how capitalism made him so wealthy.

But thanks to Deroy Murdock, writing in the NY Post, some of these (I’ll be kind) “mistruths” (that’s a new word!) can be publicized.

” Only Obama represents the best interests of unionized  teachers, Romney does not!”

Fact: Bain Capital successfully advises and invests hundred of millions of dollars for the teacher’s retirement systems, such as Ohio, Texas, and California.

 “Only Obama  is great for education and the leading universities!  Romney hates those Liberals!” 

Fact : Bain‘s clients include Columbia, Princeton, Yale , Cornell Emory! Want some more?  How about Purdue, the Universities of California, Michigan, Virginia! A total of one TRILLION dollars worth of investments!


Do you think all these liberal professors would just hand over all their money if they didn’t think highly of him?

Obama supports liberal “endowments and foundations?” Romney doesn’t “relate” to them at all!

Fact: Bain successfully works with and invests millions for The Metropolitan Museum of Art , The Ford Foundation, The Heinz Endowments (hello John Kerry!) AND, ready for this one, THE OPRAH WINFREY FOUNDATION!

“Obama is just wonderful for government workers?  Romney can’t stand them.”

Fact: Bain invests BILLIONS for The Illinois MUNICIPAL Retirement Fund (hello Barrack!), as well as the Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, and the Rhode Island PUBLIC  Employees’  Retirement Systems! How about that? As long as you are making a list, add on Tennessee and San Diego! I guess he may really relate to them after all.

Oh , I know, capitalism is really bad! Profits are unimportant, just an intellectual adventure. Jobs created by the private sector, like Bain, are, according to Obama’s top czars, not nearly as important as government jobs.

Since 1988 (please write this one down!), according to The California Teachers Retirement Investments, private- equity companies like Bain have outperformed every other asset-class. WOW. (if only California would stop the spending)

The fault for this lack of dissemination of the facts is the Republicans themselves, Wakeup you Conservatives!
 The average voter can’t vote intelligently if they only read The NY Times and watch channel 4.