It’s the Altitude! Romney & Obama Tied in the Debates! Obama Was Pulling a Rope-a-Dope! – Romney Video


Al Gore thinks that Barack Obama had problems debating last night because he just flew in from Denver two hours earlier and the altitude affected him.

Some of us were wondering if Gore was snorting something before he made that statement. Gore called his statement was controversial. I’d call it stupid.

The NY Times called the complete evisceration of Obama’s platform a draw.

One MSLSD blabbering head said that Obama deliberately lost the debate to disarm Romney in a rope-a-dope approach.

The media is doing their best, what can I say?

Jim Lehrer tried to shut down Mitt Romney last night but couldn’t. Then he did the right thing, he gave up and let the candidates go. The media is displeased with Lehrer for not shutting Romney down but there was nothing he could do. Obama wasn’t pulling his weight so why should Lehrer have done more?

President Obama appears to be someone who is too good to have to be at a debate when he could do more important things like interview on The View.

No matter how many times Mitt Romney explained that he has never proposed a $5 trillion dollar tax cut, President Obama continued to whine about the non-existant $5 trillion dollar tax cut Romney is proposing. Obama was out there today screaming about Mitt Romney proposing a $5 trillion dollar tax cut.

President Obama is a coward. He couldn’t defend himself last night so he went out today and demonized Romney, calling him a liar.

Obama sounded even pettier today when he made fun of Romney for saying he liked Big Bird but he was going to cut the subsidy to PBS because the government shouldn’t be running a TV station when the money has to be borrowed from China. PBS earns plenty of money and they don’t need taxpayer money.

Joe Biden was running around today saying he cut the budget a trillion dollars – our deficits are up over a trillion dollars a year! He admitted they are going to raise the taxes a trillion dollars (it’s actually 2 trillion). Biden also said that he doesn’t feel sorry for the “super wealthy.” That would be people making $250,000, people who own small businesses, couples who have good jobs, and so on.

President Obama went into the debates with talking points and found himself up against substantive opposition. He didn’t have enough respect for his opponent to prepare for the debate.

Tomorrow I will post President Obama’s memorable moments. That will be a much shorter video than the one that follows with Romney’s memorable moments.