Jake Tapper Tried to Snap This Candidate Out of Denial


tapper rubio copy

Jake Tapper tried to snap Marco Rubio out of his serious case of denial but is it denial? Rubio is probably staying in the race along with Kasich and Carson to keep Trump from reaching 1200 electoral votes. The only problem is that if the party goes to a brokered convention, it will blow up.

The GOP will lose the presidency and the Supreme Court of the United States and will likely never win again, at least not as the party they are now.

TAPPER: “You’re talking about Virginia and that’s another state that Donald Trump won. I’m wondering if there’s a certain amount of denial that you’re in about this race.”

RUBIO: “No, Jake. We’re [not] in the winner-take-all phase of this. You know this is about delegate count. You know in a usual race you’d have a front-runner and people would be saying you need to drop out and rally around the front-runner. What people are saying now is fight as hard as you can to save the party of Lincoln and Reagan from a con artist who refuses to criticize the KKK. If we name Donald Trump as our nominee of the Republican party, it will be the end of the modern Republican party, Hillary Clinton will smoke him in a general election and the next four years are going to be no better than the last eight for our country. I will fight as long and as hard as it takes to save this country and the conservative movement from someone like Donald Trump.”

Everyone needs to drop the nonsensical KKK story. No one is falling for it but nice try.