James O’Keefe Busts Comey’s ‘Godson’, NY Times Video Gatekeeper


James O’Keefe’s ‘Project Veritas’ organization released a new ‘American Pravda’ video, as part of a series, and it takes aim at The New York Times, the “Grey Lady,” the “paper of record.”

In the first part of this series, Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times’ extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and claims an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa.

Before he worked for the Times, he worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he says. He also said he is not objective and has no interest in putting his political biases aside.

Dudich added that he targets Trump’s businesses and his “dumb f**k of a son” Donald Jr. and Eric. He’s trying to organize boycotts against Trump businesses and destroy his brand to get him to resign.

This violates the NY Times alleged policies.

Dudich decided Trump is a threat.

He told a bizarre story about being the godson of Jim Comey. Dudich also said he was Antifa and joined at the request of the FBI to gather intelligence.

Project Veritas investigated and found that Dudich’s father thinks the story about his being Comey’s godson is not true. He said he doesn’t know Comey though his son said his parents were friends of Comey’s.

Seems the NY Times gatekeeper is a liar.