Jeb Bush Bused Supporters to CPAC, They Helped Drown Out the Booing


Jeb awarding Liberty Medal to Hillary day before Benghazi anniversay

Jeb awarding the Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton the day before the anniversary of Bengazi.


Slate reported that Jeb Bush bused supporters into CPAC.

“One long-time CPAC insider said these organized efforts impressed him, and that he didn’t know of any other potential 2016 candidates busing backers in. Perhaps that’s because no other potential candidates are worried about the regular crowd turning against them…” – Slate

He was booed at CPAC and students walked out:

Good thing he had those supporters.

There was an organized group who planned to disrupt his speech.

He was booed when Donald Trump mentioned his name. That was spontaneous.

After saying what he said last year, it’s a little late to pretend he’s a conservative running to win the primary.