Jeb Bush Is Not A Conservative for Crying Out Loud


We are all supposed to believe Jeb Bush is a conservative so he can win the conservative vote. Everyone says he is conservative, especially the liberal media and establishment Republicans.

Newsweek, a conglomerate of ultraliberals, claims Jeb is conservative by temperament, Jeb is more conservative than even his brother. While he has publicly said that he supported the government bailout of banks after the financial crisis, close friends think otherwise. “He would never have backed it,” said one ally, one of many who thought he would not have been as big a spender as his brother.

Well, if Newsweek says it, you can take that to the bank. Maybe to them he is.

Newsweek also says he only has to contend with the “ultraconservatives”. Really – it’s ultra now? Only the screwiest of us are to be contended with?

Bush has to contend with all conservatives and a lot of regular Republicans who don’t like his big spending, pro-Common Core, pro-amnesty platform, and his wishy-washy interpretation of the Constitution.

Jeb actually said he was going to run without having to win the primary, a slap at the very conservative base he purports to be part of.

The Newsweek piece is very flattering and that should tell people something. Politico likes him too – they’re an Obama right arm.

People say he’s a conservative and we are all supposed to believe it. Fact is, he’s right up there with McCain and he is the establishment.

He claims to be a fiscal conservative.

Yet, he has said that he could accept tax increases in a hypothetical deficit-cutting deal. That could be an alarm bell if he’s coming out of the gate with that.

Bush was asked by Politico about a deficit deal. “If you could bring to me a majority of people to say that we’re going to have $10 of spending cuts for $1 of revenue enhancement — put me in, Coach,” he said.

How very Clintonesque.

The Cato Institute says total spending increased by 45% during his eight years as governor, and noted that it “rose quite rapidly” in his second term. “He talks about lowering taxes, but spending grew on his watch,” said Noah Wall, Director of Grassroots at FreedomWorks.

Bush blames it on the hurricanes.

There’s always a good reason to increase spending. It’s a lot harder to not do it or roll it back when the hurricanes pass or to find money in the wasteful budget. He doesn’t do that.

Prior to running for governor, he said he would cut government in half. He didn’t. He reduced it by 6.6%.

However, while Governor, Jeb Bush reduced taxes by $19 billion.

On the other hand, he supported the bank bailouts in 2009, added nanny welfare programs like “Operation Paycheck”, he doesn’t think foreigners need to learn English to drive or anything really, supports affirmative action programs as opposed to promotions based on qualifications and merit.

He’s a big supporter of big government intervention in education and his policies on Common Core are indistinguishable from Democrats.

A big amnesty activist, he will do anything to get a deal. It will look much like the senate bill which gave amnesty on a promise the border will be closed. It was the pinky swear bill.

On Obamacare, he says Republicans need to find an alternative. Most will agree to that but we have yet to hear his alternative.

His strategies are weak-kneed. Instead of fighting Obamacare, he said “let it fall apart on its own.”

Does anyone really believe he’ll do anything but keep the status quo?

Except on things like climate change perhaps.

State spending on conservation programs rose during his years as governor, in contrast to the budget cuts and job cuts that state environmental agencies have sustained under the current governor, Rick Scott.

More recently, Bush has offered conflicting signals about where he stands on climate change, calling himself a “skeptic” on manmade global warming in a 2009 Esquire interview but warning conservative activists last year that the GOP is imperiling its future by being seen as “anti-science.”

The following is from Politico and it’s good and bad. The environment needs to be cared for but can you trust the man who is beloved by the left?

“Jeb Bush was the best governor for the environment that Florida every had,” said J. Allison DeFoor, a former judge, sheriff and Florida GOP vice chairman who served as the state’s Everglades czar during Bush’s first term. “And that’s not an opinion. That’s a fact, and a provable fact.”

“He was a green,” said Eric Draper, the executive director of the National Audubon Society’s Florida chapter, which had both worked with Bush on his Everglades restoration efforts but clashed with him on his handling of the Everglades’ pollution limits. “I actually miss him. He was one of Florida’s most effective governors, and I’m telling you that as a Democrat.”

Remember when he gave Hillary Clinton the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center on the eve of the Benghazi anniversary? He’s the Chairman of the Board of the Constitution Center. He helped pick her. He couldn’t think of another soul, not one Republican?

Bush award to Hillary

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” Bush said in a statement. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

The woman is a socialist pretending to be middle of the road. She believes in a socialist-style democracy, not a republic.

Is he better than a Democrat? Yes, we can’t afford another Democrat but we also can’t afford to run a candidate who will lead us into voting for another Democrat after his reign.

The Republican Party establishment is Democrat Party lite. They are big government, one world order people. You won’t hear them talking much if at all about the Constitution, freedom and sovereignty – not in a substantive way.

They’ll give it all away just not as much or as fast as the Democrats.

We are at a point in time in which Republicans are surrendering to the larger world structure in global trade and security. The system has replaced the people. The agencies and the president decide, not us.

Globalism is chewing up American workers and spitting them out. International law is sucking us up – we’re consumed by it with Law of the Oceans treaties, Gun treaties, Climate Change treaties, global copyright infringements, trade treaties. All of them take more than a smidgeon of our sovereignty and individualism and all of them stomp on the Constitution in favor of the global wants and needs.

We must bow to the global demands on immigration, taxing, traveling, imprisonment, self-defense, education. In other words, we are destroying ourselves from within by melting into the pot of transnational dictatorships.

We feed terrorism with our donations to the U.N., Palestine, Iraq, et al but still we do it. We join forces with nations that will destroy us and still we do it. It’s a nod to the collectivist will. We might make a buck off it.

It’s sacrificing the future for some profit today. There’s no foresight involved.

When our Founding Fathers drew up the Constitution, it was to protect this great experiment – the most successful nation in the world. Our new globalists policies throw all that away.

When we vote for candidates, we are also fighting the intrusion of an overly-global world. Jeb Bush, like his brother, is a globalist.

Do we want justice or social justice? Do we want to be citizens of the world or of the United States, land of the free? Do we want to succumb to global regulations and taxes? Have we not enough of our own? Do we need to encourage abortion to control the population and shall we reserve half the country’s lands for the birds and turtles as the UN says we must?

Where will we allow our national interests to fall in the international scheme of things?

When and where has Jeb Bush stood up for our Constitution in a very real way? If you find the answer and like it, then vote for him in a primary. If not, be sure to also vote in the primary. We can’t stop the establishment with money. We can only do it in the primary.

Bush isn’t all bad. If it’s between him and Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, the bank killing socialist, we have little choice. Let’s not let it get that far. Surely, we can get someone who isn’t a globalist – a weaker version of a Democrat – can’t we?

A Bush presidency wouldn’t be all bad. He’d keep the peace and not thrust anti-American laws on the nation. He won’t divide us, he will unite. We’d be safer and he’d tell the truth. On the other hand, he’s naive – all the illegal immigrants are coming out of love, he’s too quick to compromise, and he is part of the global collective will.

The Washington Post, another liberal fornicator, said Bush is making a mistake pandering to conservative voters. He’s pandering to us? I didn’t notice but I’ll keep my eyes open.

Check out Jeb Bush’s voting record