Jeb Bush Should Run Against Hillary in the Democratic Primary


This past Friday, speaking before the Fort Lauderdale, FL National Urban League Conference, Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said President Barack Obama is “speaking the truth” on racial injustice.

Jeb Bush appeared to be pandering to African-Americans while pushing Common Core during his speech.

He seems to think what Barack Obama is doing is good.

Bush touted his economic goals and education reforms during his term as governor and told the largely African-American audience he hopes to reestablish trust “in our vital institutions.”

Two days ago, a St. Pete Polls Survey of more than 1900 registered Republican voters had Trump leading Bush in Florida, his home state.

These are the results.

Donald Trump: 26.1%
Jeb Bush: 20.0%
Scott Walker: 12.2%
Marco Rubio: 9.7%
Ben Carson: 4.5%
Ted Cruz: 4.2%
John Kasich: 4.1%
Rand Paul: 3.3%
Unsure or Someone else: 15.9%

He can’t say enough about his love of Common Core which is a grand opportunity for D.C. to educate our children. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Jeb, like his brother before him, doesn’t recognize that education is, or at least should be, a state and local responsibility, as a writer for the American Spectator once pointed out.

A President Bush will be a President School Marm butting into our business on the local level.

George Will gets it but George Bush doesn’t. It’s Obamacare for education.

“It is not about the content of the standards, which would be objectionable even if written by Aristotle and refined by Shakespeare,” George Will wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post. “Rather, the point is that, unless stopped now, the federal government will not stop short of finding in Common Core a pretext for becoming a national school board.”

“Bush says ‘standards are different than curriculum’ and: ‘I would be concerned if we had a national curriculum influenced by the federal government. My God, I’d break out in a rash,’” Will continues. “But standards will shape what is tested, and textbooks will be ‘aligned’ with the tests.”

Will used Title IX as an example. The rule states no person “shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

“Title IX’s 31 words beget hundreds of pages of minute stipulations and mandates,” he wrote, pointing out the rape charge “epidemic” that has now become even ludicrous.

“If Bush does not see the pertinence of this episode to Common Core, which is the thin end of a potentially enormous federal wedge,” Will said, “he should not be put in charge of the executive branch.”



  1. Hillary will withdraw in disgrace ! Jen could replace her as I see no one else exct Biden that has a chance
    Saunders makes sense but even though we are already a so iList system no one wants to admit it

    The only difference between communism and socialism and what ever we are calling ourselves ,we still get to vote on who screws us unless Obama has a plan to stay in office !
    The military will not allow this country to go to the depths of hell before they act and then we will be the sMe as Russia and China the other two militaristic systems of government !
    Law and order must. One to this land and I feel we are on our way to civil unrest or re out ion !

  2. He talks about ending inequality. . He talks about every child being giving the opportunity to recieve education but on Every chance will vote against it. .. these politicians think they can say one thing and do the opposite …. no more enough is enough. . I’m not voting for jeb hillary Donald duck or any of the other circus acts running I will be voting for the only person who stands up against big money .. the only person who actually cares about the people and not just the few. . I WILL BE VOTING FOR BERNIE SANDERS … THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT…
    He was member of core back in the 60s he has vowed to overturn citizens united.. he is for raising minimum wage to a living wage and is in full support of a fair tax. . His state has some of the most relaxed gun contol laws in nation. .. he says that it is messed up that we are charging so much for medical supplies when Canada is selling same exact thing for a fraction of price.. he even bussed a group of breast cancer patients to Canada himself back in the 90s so they could recieve there needed meds at a much cheaper rate. .. as a member of core he held piecefull protests against the segregation of race…
    He is for public college being tuition free. . Increasing our veterans benefits. .. the list goes on and on. .. I encourage all of you to do your own research. . Don’t just be a sheep and listen to what they say do fact checking yourself. … over half of congress are millionaires. . Democrats and Republicans have both lost touch with the people. .. Bernie sanders is this nations only hope

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