Jeb Bush Is Saying Some Things in Spanish You Need to Know



Tell us what you think about this. Are we overreacting here?

Jeb Bush is as much a Democrat as he is a Republican which helps explain the rise of Donald Trump in the polls.

One of the issues he is extremely weak on is illegal immigration. He supports birthright citizenship which, in the West, is only practiced by the United States and occasionally in Canada.

He supports a “virtual” fence instead of one that would actually work, and he wants to reward people who came here illegally with citizenship, not residency or temporary status, but citizenship.

Polls show that 80% of the illegal immigrants prefer voting Democratic and Jeb is in essence signing the death warrant of the Republican party.  For all of his pandering, only 38% find Bush acceptable.

He’s also sneaky. He is giving speeches in Spanish promising things he doesn’t promise in English best I can tell. This is the United States – speak English! Is he going to make Spanish our second language if he wins?

On Monday at the Palenque Grill in McAllen, Texas, Jeb Bush vowed in Spanish:

“I, as President, I would go to congress and change the law to give them not a residency but citizenship.”

We know about this because Breitbart sent a Spanish employee to listen in. When he says these things in Spanish and doesn’t also say it in English, it feels likes dog whistles.

There needn’t be a real fence, he believes, though fences and walls work quite well in Israel and in my backyard. In fact, Saudi Arabia is building a wall.

“You have to have a much deeper strategy than just building a fence, you have to have much more coordination with local law enforcement. There has to be more focus on a virtual fence which I propose as to using GPS technology, drone technology and other things like that,” he said.

So far, the drone technology is a miserable failure and an expensive one at that.

At the same time he slammed Trump as not conservative as if he is. Conservatives want a fence and they want strict border control BEFORE any conversations about citizenship.

He did say on another occasion that he’d kick illegal criminals out but he’s not trustworthy when he says things in Spanish that he’s not exactly saying in English.

Bush is for amnesty, clearly.

When asked about the Dreamers, Bush said he did not agree with President Barack Obama’s approach by forcing an executive action, but instead, he said he would work with the U.S. Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform.

As someone who read the senate bill, I can say I found it woefully inadequate in meeting the task of halting illegal immigration.


  1. Ithink mr. Trump is more democrat tham Republican , whatvever he said is to favor to Hillary Clinto.

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