Jeff Sessions Wants to Make Snooping on Americans Permanent


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pushing to permanently renew the controversial section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). It is set to expire at the end of the year. It gives federal agencies their powers to spy on Americans.

He wants the government agencies to continue spying on Americans who communicate with foreigners and they want to do it without a warrant. He wants access to our electronics as well.

Sessions had just sent a letter to Congress insisting it be renewed and made permanent. Speaking about national security after the New York City attack, he made the same plea to law enforcement officials and attorneys at the Southern District US Attorney’s office in lower Manhattan on Thursday.

The attorney general has a three-pronged security strategy that includes the travel ban, government access to electronic devices and surveillance of non U.S. citizens overseas. He thinks it’s not a political matter but a necessary security issue.

Taking freedom away is almost always done in the name of security and safety.

His strategy includes the infamous Section 702 which was a part of the George W. Bush surveillance program allowing the FBI, CIA and NSA to spy on people in the U.S. and abroad without a warrant.

Congress passed this Section after we found out that the government was spying on U.S. citizens’ internet communications and phone calls with foreigners in 2005.

“Over the past year the FBI was unable to get open access to over 7,500 electronic devices even though there were court orders to do so,” Sessions said.

“We know, for example, that the terrorist who targeted an event in Garland, Texas, in 2015 sent more than 100 instant messages to a terrorist overseas — just on the morning of the attack,” Sessions continued.

“What we don’t know, however, is what he said — because those messages are encrypted,” said Sessions during his presser at the Southern District US Attorney’s office in lower Manhattan on Thursday.

This is bunk. The FBI just wanted to set precedent forcing Apple to give them their key codes.

If you listen to his entire speech, you will become convinced that Sessions is part of the bureaucracy – the deep state – and will never oppose them. He’s in line with them. We only included an abridged clip.

The surveillance 702 allows is very controversial. It would never pass a smell test.

Sessions is part of the establishment and he’s not what we elected the President to do or what the President selected Sessions to do.

At the same time, Sessions recused himself from the Russia dossier investigation, putting Trump under constant attack by the left, and he won’t touch the Democrat criminals.

House Intelligence Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Laura Ingraham on her new show lon Fox last week that the Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions and James Comey’s FBI is ignoring the crimes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Robert Mueller and can’t or won’t do a thing about the leaks.

Ingraham asked about the leaking, bringing back Susan Rice and Samantha Power.

Nunes responded, “Unfortunately, we are bringing back a lot of the people, or the DOJ could do their job and begin to investigate.

As former Rep. Jason Chaffetz said recently on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Fox show, Sessions will not follow through with “any sort of prosecutions”.


  1. I’ve been calling for Sessions to be fired for many months – he could not BE a bigger disappointment.

    The position of AG has been Sessions’ life long dream and he readily sold his sole to the devil in achieving his dream job. This jack ass actually allowed senate court jester, Al Franken, to pretty much accuse him of being a Russian collaborator, allowed himself to be maneuvered into literally castrating himself as DOJ head. And he readily offered up his genitals in the deal.

    There can be only 3 possible issues where Sessions is concerned. He is either protecting his long time, Elitist buddies, he is complicit in the Deep State or he simply lacks the cojones to do the job. Matters not which is the case because any one of these is more than enough reason to send him packing.

    We now stand on the precipice of a one and only GOLDEN opportunity to literally take the Deep State DOWN. To purge our government of the many, treasonous bastards who have been progressively betraying our country and conducting a creeping, silent coup. Right now, Sessions is the only guy standing in the way.

    When the Patriot Act was passed, we all understood the terrible predicament we found ourselves in. But even the most security minded Americans were conflicted because of the potential abuse of power associated with this act. In fact, our worse fears have not only been supported but those abuses have now been exceeded beyond our original concerns.

    EVERY American is to have their privacy violated but while common sense approaches, like surveillance of mosques, more then 80% of which are headed by radical imams, are forbidden.

    Bottom line, Sessions needs TO GO. I’d like to see Guiliani take the reigns. He’s already proven his ability to take on the toughest of jobs and prevail.

  2. Sessions may have lied to Congress and even make Franken look right. Carter Page in his testimony says he made Sessions aware of a trip to Moscow.

  3. Sessions will not prosecute major crimes which he has piles of evidence on right in front of him yet he wants to gather evidence on us and violate our right to privacy. People say he is a nice guy???

  4. Between George Soros, Hillary Clinton and their loyal followers, there is plenty of bribe money to challenge the ethics of any potential accuser. The love of money is the taproot of EVIL!….and the filthy rich, anti-American assholes know it!

    We need a guy like Trey Gowdy as AG.

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