Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour for the Criminally Weird


Without any regard for the victims’ families, tour organizers – Bam Media and Marketing – have arranged walking tours of Jeffrey Dahmer’s trolling grounds. Bam Media is capitalizing on murder for profit and pretending it is for the legitimate exploration of criminal history. If that is what it is about, I’m sure they will donate the profits to the crime victims or to some other cause that furthers justice.

For those who never read the news, Jeffrey Dahmer brutally murdered 17 men and then cannibalized their bodies.

Twenty protesters followed the tour around today, keeping their distance but occasionally shouting out to them. One protester held a sign that said “You may not care but we do.” The sister of one of Dahmer’s 17 victims joined 20 protesters who followed the oblivious tourists around and called the tour organizers “just as evil” as Dahmer himself.

If the tour is this upsetting to the victims’ families you might think they’d stop, right? No, of course not.

Tour guide Nicholas Vollmann led the voyeurs to buildings that housed the gay bars where Dahmer cruised for his victims. He named the victims whom Dahmer met at each place, detailed their sexual activity and described how Dahmer killed and disposed of the victims.

Afterwards the “sympathetic” tour guide said the protesters will give up and the tours will continue.

The tour participants said they found the experience interesting and educational, according to the AP.

One Paul Smith of Waukesha said theres’s a difference between hearing about a serial killer and seeing firsthand where he actually stalked his victims. He added, “You look at it now and it’s all these nice buildings,” he said. “You really wouldn’t think all these horrific things happened here.”

How about the victims’ families Paul?

Is a tour group really necessary?