Jesse Jackson Jr Marches With the Extreme Far Left of Society During NATO Summit

Jesse Jackson Jr Marching With Fringe Groups
When I see how bad it could get should a Jesse Jackson Jr. rise to power, President Obama starts to look pretty good to me.

Jesse Jackson Jr, who might have tried to buy a Senate seat from former Governor Blagojevich, marched with the NATO protesters yesterday alongside the Muslim Peace Council, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Veterans For Peace and the Environmental Justice Network.

In the picture above, he holds a sign opposing the Crete Detention Facility. Authorities are considering building a facility in Crete, a farm community outside Chicago, which would house illegal immigrants being readied for deportation. The Open Borders crowd is very opposed to the facility for obvious reasons. Mr. Jackson is supporting the open borders movement here.

Jackson said yesterday that we need a “peace machine” not a “war machine.” I don’t disagree with that on the face of it. He urged marchers to march peacefully and disperse peacefully. That was good too. That’s where the good ends and the questionable begins.

If he wasn’t planning to be a rising political star, I wouldn’t waste my time talking about him.

The groups he was with are fringe:

The Environmental Justice Network for people of color is an extreme Mother Earth group.

Veterans for Peace were a visible presence at the OWS rallies I went to. I’m sorry to say that not one I met seemed mentally sound. I know I’m not being PC but it’s the truth – none of them acted or sounded normal.

Muslim Peace Council whose website was authored by Manal Shakir is against Israel and the U.S. The site was developed for the NATO protests but most of these pop up organizations are tied to the U.N. [It figures they would want us to never lift a weapon again – I’m just sayin’.]

Voices for Creative Nonviolence engages in peace activities against Israel in every situation involving Israel whether it be Lebanon, Gaza, or the Flotilla. They are no friend to the U.S. or Israel.

So many of these peace groups are supported and encouraged by the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA, which you can easily discover on your own.

The ethics question concerning Jesse Jackson remains unresolved.

The Chicago Tribune on December 5, 2011, reported that the House Ethics Committee, charged with determining whether Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. tried to buy himself a promotion to the U.S. Senate, are still considering it.

Chicago Tribune: The committee released a detailed investigative report it received from the Office of Congressional Ethics in August 2009, along with a 17-page letter from Jackson’s attorneys responding to that report.

The investigation found “probable cause” that Jackson directed or knew of efforts to persuade then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich to appoint Jackson to the vacant Senate seat in exchange for $1.5 million in campaign cash. It also found “substantial reason to believe” the congressman misused the resources of his House office to lobby for the Senate job.

But the Office of Congressional Ethics doesn’t have subpoena powers, and its report notes that it was not able to compel Blagojevich and two alleged go-betweens to cooperate. There’s no surprising new evidence in the 2-year-old report released Friday.

So a cloud remains over Jackson — those seemingly damning phrases “probable cause” and “substantial reason” — but there’s not necessarily a clear case of wrongdoing…Read more…

This from the Times –

NY Times: The Office of Congressional Ethics also said that it had found “substantial reason to believe” that Mr. Jackson had inappropriately used his formal House staff to run a “public campaign” to secure the Senate appointment.

It was during that investigation that federal investigators collected recordings that “contain statements that an ‘emissary’ from Representative Jackson had offered to raise money for Mr. Blagojevich and provide ‘money up front’ if Mr. Blagojevich nominated Representative Jackson to the Senate seat vacated by President Obama,” a 2009 report by the Office of Congressional Ethics said.

Mr. Jackson has denied that he did anything improper.

The investigation is being continued but it will drag on as Debbie Halvorson challenges Jackson for his House seat. Unfortunately, Halvorson is White and Jackson is the son of famed civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson, which might mean right will not win out.

As an aside, the Chicago Sun Times reported that about 100 Anarchists called the “Black Bloc” chanted “What do we want? Dead cops!” Though they are the fringiest of the fringe, I want to know who marches in groups with and supports people like this? Apparently Jesse Jackson Jr. and the Democrats do.

Chicago Sun Times:…“Black Bloc” [a group] of about 100 anarchists wanted something else. The group, which chanted “What do we want? Dead cops!” as it left Grant Park at 2 p.m., surged to the front of the protest crowd and tried to break through the imposing line of Chicago cops in riot gear blocking its path.

Then, in a scene Chicagoans feared ever since the city learned it would host the NATO Summit, the two sides violently clashed on live TV, with police nightsticks flailing and protesters unleashing a volley of sticks, bottles and at least one rock.

The battle at Michigan and Cermak flared and then slowed, and then flared again in bursts between 5 and 6:30 p.m. By then, much of the Black Bloc had slipped away, leaving behind a scene of bloodied protesters and four injured cops, including one stabbed in the leg.

With police intent on pushing protesters west away from the NATO Summit, and the Black Bloc hell bent on pushing east towards President Barack Obama and dozens of world leaders, the clash seemed an inevitable conclusion to months of debate over how and where the protest would end.

More information at NBC Chicago