Jesse Jackson, Tin-Foil Hat Guy, Appeals to the UN on Zimmerman Case


JACKSON,tin foil hat

Jesse Jackson, the race-baiting relic of a time-gone-by, wrote a column on Monday for the Chicago Sun Times deriding the verdict in the Zimmerman case. He wrote that the UN Human Rights Commission must investigate whether the US is “upholding its obligations under international human rights laws and treaties.”

The UN has done such a fine job of monitoring the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, gay men in Iran, and Christians in Egypt, et al. I can see why he’d appeal to the UN.

Jackson also wants Congress to investigate the “racial context that led to Trayvon Martin’s slaying.”

Forget Congress Jesse. They can’t even investigate the IRS. They get nothing done.

Is this what America is now? If a group of vociferous people don’t like a verdict, they can then demand the DOJ retry the case, insist Congress and the UN investigate, and then they can sue for damages of course. Some in the media said reasonable doubt should not apply in the Zimmerman case. Jackson would undoubtedly agree.

Jackson is a man of the extreme far-left who hopes to bring back the 1960’s so he can once again feel relevant. He is not only willing to betray his country to the UN, he is willing to betray black Americans.

In his column, he wrote, “black men carry a special burden from the day they are born.” How does this help blacks? He is telling them they are helpless victims!

Blacks have broken the biggest glass ceiling in the world. We have a black president. Blacks can achieve anything whites can achieve and that is the message their leaders should be sending.

In his column, Jackson recalled Emmet Till and Medgar Evers. He drew moral equivalence between what happened to them and what happened to Trayvon even though there is no correlation. It helps him anger black Americans and turn them against white Americans.

People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are very selfish. They no longer know what is right or wrong.

Jackson appeared on MSNBC and, after relating facts not in evidence, said that Zimmerman was “at least guilty of murder.” [Ignoring the absurdity of him saying that Zimmerman was at least guilty of murder, the fact is Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY]

Jackson blamed the white women on the jury for the verdict not going his way. He thinks a jury of peers is for the victim, not the defendant.

It’s really terrible that a man like this is leading millions of Americans.