Jesuit University SLU Joins With Leftist Hate Groups in Rewriting Their Own History – Update


Father De Smet

statue removed

Update at the end has information on a promotion for a professor who stirs up animosity towards whites.

Missionaries are no longer gallant saviors of souls – they are white supremacists – and criminals attacking police are to be lauded depending on their skin color. A statue of a missionary holding up a cross over American Indians as they show suppliance to the Lord cannot exist, even at a Catholic university.

St. Louis University, a Catholic Jesuit institution, has joined the community of political correctness with fervor.

A statue of Jesuit missionary, Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, praying over American Indians, has been removed.

Father De Smet was a treasurer of the university and he was world renowned for his good works.

“The statue of De Smet depicts a history of colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy,” senior Ryan McKinley penned for SLU’s University News.

McKinley only seems aware of the extremist rewrite of our history and apparently sees the United States as evil.

Like the RedSkins debate, SLU wants to be PC.

PC is taking away our freedom of speech.

Originally, the now removed statue was to be replaced with a statue commemorating the Michael Brown et al protesters who demonstrated at the university last fall. They were led at the time by leftists.

The statue’s removal came just months after controversy broke out at the Jesuit campus over a proposed statue to commemorate a six-night sit in that served as an extension of protests in nearby Ferguson.

After donors threatened to pull donations over the proposed statue, the university walked back the original intent of the statue, saying it would instead highlight the university’s values of diversity and inclusion.

Of course, they couldn’t highlight our nation’s unity as one people. Our country was not founded to recognize diversity, it was founded to recognize assimilation of diverse people into on united America.

A cadre of leftist professors and their students said the statue represents white supremacy, racism and colonialism. The professors and their students are the actual racists. They are anti-white.

Father De Smet represented a desire to bring the Indians to eternal salvation and that must be erased from its history.

According to an SLU webpage, De Smet was friends with the American Indians. He was known to them “simply and affectionately as ‘Blackrobe.’” While converting thousands to Catholicism, De Smet also helped negotiate treaties among the Indians and the United States, ensuring their land and safety.

Banning this statue and caving to the demands of the leftists denies history and worse, it retells history and this is a research university. It puts a criminal and the unruly and uninformed anarchists on a pedestal instead of the missionary.

In actuality, they probably didn’t cave, they joined in. Catholic universities aren’t Catholic any longer. They’ve been consumed by leftists.

Columbus was even denigrated unfairly at these protests and replaced by people who want to reclaim “our sh*t.” It’s all part of the history rewrite.

The protests at SLU over criminal Michael Brown et al, some more innocent, were led by communists including Cornel West, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, and assorted anarchists. Much of it was funded by atheist socialist George Soros. Students from the university joined the protesters.


Dr. Jonathan C. Smith has been hired as Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Engagement to heal the wounds of the delicate flowers at the university and to teach social justice, the Marxist ideology.


He has been at the university since 2002 as Assistant Professor and Community Liaison in the African American Studies Program.

He took part in the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot lie.


The Dorothy Day Catholic Workers are a presence at the university.

When The Catholic Church was moving to canonize the communist Dorothy Day, State Sen. Richard Black, R-Va., said in January, 2013: “I am particularly concerned about [Day’s] favorable writings regarding Lenin, Castro, Mao, and Ho Chi Minh. As you well know, each of the above dictators ordered the execution of Catholic priests among the millions of other Christians murdered…”

“Ms. Day was the editor of the pro-communist newspaper, the Catholic Worker,” he wrote.

The FBI files support the concerns.

SLU has held conferences bashing whites under the guise of “white privilege” and for the cause of the unjust social justice. Smith participated according to Gateway Pundit.

Source: The College Fix