Jet Blue Receives Bomb Threats in Return for Their Kindness – Update



Tens of thousands of officers are expected to attend the funerals of Officers Ramos and Liu, the two officers executed by a domestic terrorist who has possible connections to the Black Guerrilla Family and an Islamic Hamas-connected group – ISNA.

Comrade de Blasio will speak at Officer Ramos’ funeral.

Jet Blue has offered to fly the relatives of Officer Liu and two officers from every police force who want to attend without charge. As a reward for their kindness, they’ve received bomb threats and calls for boycotts at #BoycottJetBlue.

Jet Blue offer

Imagine if the Tea Party attacked police? Would the newspapers call the riots “protests”? If the Tea Party called in bomb threats, would the papers simply not report it or would they make excuses for it s they do now?

In addition to the calls, Jet Blue is receiving twitter threats from a fool calling himself “swatting squad”. He deleted the tweets but it was too late:


Twitter threat

It’s not just Jet Blue getting threats. Nine people have been arrested for threats to the police:

9 arrested


UPDATE: 11:00:

Lucky me, Swattingsquad2, who says he is swatting squad, is now following me on twitter. Here are his latest tweets;

swatting squad


UPDATE: UPDATE: 14:06 EST: SwattingSquad2 contacted me and said s/he is the one who tweeted the threat.

His proof that he is the person who sent the tweet follows in two tweets:


proof 2

He [if a he] said the idea came from @404patrol and they did it for fun. He said he didn’t know about the funeral and wasn’t trying to hurt the airline but Jet Blue was the only airline they could think of. (Hello, United, American, Southwest…)

I asked him or her how old s/he was and s/he said 22 years.

I’m speechless and will leave it at that except to say JetBlue deserves better.

The phone threats were committed by unknown persons at this time.


Update: 12/28:14: He’s really learned his lesson:

he did them a favor


Original Tweet originally seen at Gateway Pundit