Jihadists Controlled Benghazi on 9/11 & Now Wander Around Benghazi Unchecked

Terrorist, Abu Obeida, Controlled Benghazi at Time of Attack

Remember the purported reason for our going into Benghazi? It was supposed to be for humanitarian reasons to save the poor people of Benghazi from a Gaddafi pogrom, though he hadn’t committed one in decades. Loose-lipped Gaddafi said Benghazi was an al-Qaida stronghold and he was going to march on the town and kill all 700+ inhabitants.

It wasn’t an unusual rant for Gaddafi and there was no proof that he was going to do it other than his own words. We did not wait to see if he acted on his intentions. We aided the rebels even though it was reported that the rebels were infiltrated with Jihadists.

Jihadists became an ever-increasing presence in Benghazi and at the time of the attack on our consulate, they were in charge.

Terrorist Abu Obeida, one of the Benghazi attackers, was allegedly providing all of the Benghazi security for months. On July 31, 2011, the Sunday Telegraph (UK) reported “Since Gen Younes’s death, it has emerged that the group was in charge of internal security in Benghazi, essentially operating as a secret police force.”  [Breitbart/Big Peace]

If the administration didn’t know Abu Obeida controlled the town, they should have.

The locals who were hired to protect the Americans at the consulate were local shopkeepers but had not been paid in months. They helped the Jihadists during the attack by showing them the location of the safe house as reported by CBS news.

Unconfirmed reports have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking for assistance in Benghazi during the attack and being turned down.

It would not be surprising. When Eric Nordstrom testified before the House Committee, he said, “For me and my staff, it was abundantly clear that we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident.” Mr. Nordstrom also testified that we were “the last flag standing” and “the Taliban is inside of the building” when he pleaded for 12 security agents and additional help in the months prior to the final attack.

If you have been following the events, you know that London’s Daily Independent reported that the United States knew 48 hours before the attack on its consulate in Benghazi, Libya that an attack would occur and did nothing. 

Today, cables turned in during the House hearings two weeks ago included one from a station commander in Libya notifying the administration almost immediately after the attack that it was a terror attack.

A new report today has Abu Khattala, another Benghazi attacker, telling a NY Times reporter that he had no involvement in the attack and is not being questioned by U.S. officials.

Khattala and the other terrorists are hiding in plain sight.

President Obama said that he would go after the people who committed this act of terror. Meanwhile, the terrorists are wandering around Benghazi unchecked, talking to NY Times reporters at cafes.

Perhaps the president should speak with the Times reporter to find out how he can get in touch with the murderers.

Despite all knowledge to the contrary, knowledge that even Obama somewhat admits to, Khattala says there was a peaceful video protest and the people in the consulate shot first. He’s playing us of course since our real time intel proves there was no protest that night.

I believe the people at the other embassies were playing us when they used the video defense. Why did we keep hearing chants of “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama” outside the embassies under attack? It is more likely that the DNC Convention, with the constant spiking of the football, spurred them on. The terrorists are intelligent and they are politically savvy – they used the video as did our administration. They don’t want Obama out of office. He’s a plus for them.

In the case of Egypt in particular, Morsi let the Embassy attack go unhindered for days, showed sympathy for the rioters, and shut it down when he felt like shutting it down. He appeared to have complete control over the situation. Morsi has also been very vocal in his hatred for our first amendment.

The Benghazi timeline at Poor Richard News is quite a good one for those who have not been following the events.