Jim Jordan Goes Nuclear on Rod Rosenstein


During Wednesday’s testimony by Rod Rosenstein before the House Judiciary Committee  Rep. Jim Jordan discussed the newly-released text messages of 2016 between agent Peter Strzok and another FBI official with whom he was having an affair.

Strzok was transferred to the Human Resource department in July but that was kept from Congress for months.

Strzok called Trump a “f***ing idiot” and a “d**che”, writing “F TRUMP” [which we are now told meant “fidelity” and you can take that to the bank].

Strzok and his mistress agree they hated Republicans.

Jordan (R-Ohio) read a slew of the messages, claiming Strzok believed himself to be “super-agent James Bond at the FBI” on a mission to protect Americans from Trump. […]

Jordan said in his view, the evidence points to the FBI and the Obama Justice Department working with the Clinton campaign against the Trump campaign.

“This is unbelievable,” the Ohio lawmaker told Rosenstein.

“I think the public trust in this whole thing is gone,” added Jordan.

Rosenstein said the Inspector General is reviewing all of it. In other words, the DoJ is investigating itself. Trust them. Rosenstein said he takes it all seriously and will make an independent decision.



  1. It’s NOT James Bond, rather Dr. Strangelove. Anyone who has seen the film knows how similar that is.

    It seems like everyone in the DOJ / FBI doesn’t grasp the enormity of what the evidence suggests. It’s as if Wray and Rosenstein have little concern that Government resources were used to “rig an election”. This is so far beyond of anything Russia, and the cavalier attitude suggests to me that Wray and Rosenstein may possibly harbor the same “concerns” that Strzok detailed in his texts. The leaks by Mueller at opportunistic times further demonstrates there is something afoot.

  2. Plus we have Department of Justice Assoc. Deputy Attorney General Bruce G Ohr , whose wife Nellie H. Ohr, actually worked for Fusion GPS, Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr applied for a HAM radio license (May 23rd 2016); a communication tool that would allow Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele the ability to communicate outside the normal risk of communication intercepts.So are we to believe it’s COINCIDENTAL? All of a sudden, a 60(ish)-year-old woman decides to use a HAM radio the month after contracting with Christopher Steele for a Russian opposition research dossier on Donald Trump? HHHMMMMM here is a timeline….♦April ’16 Clinton hires Fusion GPS
    ♦April ’16 Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele
    ♦May ’16 Nellie Ohr gets HAM radio license.
    ♦June/July ’16 FBI Agent Strzok meets w/ Steele
    ♦June ’16 DOJ FISA request denied.
    ♦July ’16 FBI counterintelligence operation begins
    ♦Oct. ’16 Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr meet w/ Christopher Steele
    ♦Oct. ’16 FISA request granted

  3. If you value your country, as I do, you will call for the immediate firing of rod RosenSTAIN, who is led around by criminals Mule er and Cum ey. Whether Republican or Democrat we must pursue those who blatantly violate federal statutes and bend the law to accomodate their own political views.

    • I agree, tough action is required. These criminals will be rendered vulnerable if they are removed from the DOJ. Trump should take the heat and dare Congress to impeach him.

  4. What worries and troubles me is the many reports that Kelley is “controlling” what information that Trump receives. I wonder How much he doesn’t know. How much “Intelligence” do the Agencies have that reflects the same situation as Strzok, Page, the Ohrs and others. If there is anyone in the IC that wanted to enlighten Trump would Kelley suppress that information. There needs to be developed some back channels into the President of any of this type of suspicious activity.

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