Jingle Bells Is Racist Says Divisive Leftist Professor at Boston College

Kyna Hamil

According to a leftist professor, Jingle Bells has a little known and hidden history of racism which makes it racist. Boston Professor Kyna Hamil, set on dividing us, says it’s “secret” past has been “systematically” hidden.

She wants you to believe the beloved kid’s classic was performed to mock blacks. Hamill says the 160 year old song to ridicule black people and was performed in blackface.

If some theater troupe performed it that way 160 years ago and it was hidden and secret, why uncover it now, except to divide?

Jingle Bells was not written as a racist song. It was a song written by James Pierpont to tell of the sleigh races held on Salem Street in the early 1800s. It couldn’t be more harmless. Using that Marxist professor’s line of reasoning, we wouldn’t have much left when she got done weaponizing race in every area of our culture.

Leftists, who like to call themselves Progressives and liberals, ruin everything they touch, whether it’s the colleges, the entertainment industry, government, news outlets, the anthem, patriotism, holidays, and even kids’ songs like Jingle Bells.

Carol Swain explains this type of indoctrination and refutes the nonsense.


  1. Anyone can say anything is racist and somebody will believe it. Accusing someone or something of being racist is the new “calling someone a Communist.” These left-wing liberal nut jobs want people and things to be black listed (wait, is that racist?) in order to change our societal norms to their twisted beliefs. I’d like to jingle that college professor’s bells!

  2. Actually racism is good. It means you uphold your heritage while accepting others. Every group favors its own. BLM no different. I favor White Christian Civilization over all others. No apologies no concessions. White Christian Civilization has transformed the World. Live with it!

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