El Chapo Is Running Loose, Tweeting Threats


Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the head of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel, is on the run after fleeing from a prison in Mexico City through an elaborate tunnel network. The tunnel was a mile long and was built under a house erected for the express purpose of freeing El Chapo. This thing was very sophisticated – they had motorcycles on rails in it!

About 50 prison guards have been arrested.

This is the second time Guzman broke out. The drug lords run these prisons and have infiltrated the police and military.

The U.S. attempted to have him extradited for crimes he had committed in the United States and the Mexicans refused. This is the world’s worst cartel terrorist and they couldn’t keep him in prison.

No one knows where he is but people might want to check the U.S. sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump told tmz he is contacting the FBI to investigate threats just made by a man claiming to be the son of escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo. The Donald said he thinks he can kick his butt.

Trump’s comments were in response to a threatening tweet from El Chapo’s son, in which he blasted Trump for saying El Chapo is “everything that’s wrong with Mexico.”

This is the tweet:

“Keep f–king around, and I’ll make you eat all of your godd–n words, f–king whitey f—-t @realDonaldTrump,” the tweet said.

The site is in his father’s name so who knows how much input his father has. Would anyone be surprised if the tweet was a quote from his father?

Undaunted, Trump tweeted several times July 13 after the threat.

Trump tweets on Il Chapo

Trump tweets_1

El Chapo, speaking through his son allegedly, tweeted Mexico’s president  Peña Nieto that he’s been a job creator. He’s right – he has created jobs for murder squads, traffickers, and drug dealers.

El Chapo claims he creates jobs


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