Jodi Arias Hopes Her Hair Will Save Her


Will Jodi Arias be saved by a hair?

Jodi Arias, found guilty of stalking and brutally slaughtering her boyfriend five years ago, wants to continue living even though she said in previous interviews that she hoped to die.

If allowed to live, she now believes she can do good by donating her hair and recycling. She claims her hair was below her waist and she donated some of it.

She has never apologized for viciously and cruelly murdering her lover Travis Alexander. She has apologized for the hurt she caused.

The jury was dismissed this week after being deadlocked on the death penalty. A new jury will be selected for the penalty phase.

A link to her full statement in which she talks about donating her hair can be found on this link.

If she did indeed donate hair, it wasn’t  a whole lot of hair.

Arias and the case of some donated hair