Joe Biden’s Funny Faces Debate, Laughing at Thermo-Nuclear War


Joe Biden learned his lessons well. He had little in the way of substance, if you look at the record of the last four years, so he decided to use mockery and straw men to throw off his opponent. He attempted to make a fool of the young candidate. Is this a war on youth?

This is the face of the new Democratic party – condescending, dishonest, mocking of any opinions but theirs.

Biden brought up SCOTUS to frighten women into believing they will lose Roe vs. Wade but if President Obama gets to pick more Kagans and Sotomayors, you can say goodbye to the first and second amendments as we know them.

I cut down the interruptions and nastiness in the following video because it went on endlessly – 82 interruptions by Biden in 90 minutes. That’s a serious debate?

Joe Biden laughed inappropriately and weirdly when they were discussing thermo-nuclear war and the economy. He might not have meant it but who is to say? Do you want him one heartbeat away from the presidency? Maybe his role was to make Obama look good by looking really bad.

Was there an altitude problem? What was the altitude there? Let’s get the great scientist Al Gore to answer that question if he isn’t too busy inventing someting.

This video has Biden’s finest moments as a smirking, condescending, manipulative, propagandist, go to 1:12 for the real inappropriate responses:

The following is the shortened, RNC version and it’s pretty funny: