Joe Kennedy II Mourns Loss of Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez



I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet.

~ Hugo Chavez

Joe Kennedy II mourned the loss of the vile dictator Hugo Chavez today, a man he made money off of.

CNN quoted Joseph Kennedy II’s reaction to the death of the dictator:  “President Chavez cared deeply about the poor of Venezuela and other nations around the world and their abject lack of even basic necessities, while some of the wealthiest people on our planet have more money than they can ever reasonably expect to spend” … There are close to 2 million people in the United States who received free heating assistance, thanks to President Chavez’s leadership. Our prayers go out to President Chavez’s family, the people of Venezuela, and all who were warmed by his generosity.” [Newsbusters]

Chavez cared so much about the poor that he stole private businesses and oil companies and shared the profits with his friends, family, Cuban dictators and Joe Kennedy II.

Chavez laundered money for Iran, assuring that the sanctions wouldn’t work. He joked with Ahmadinejad about making nuclear weapons in the basement. He blamed the Jews for destroying the riches of the world,  saying “Some minorities, the descendants of the same people that crucified Christ, and of those that expelled Bolivar from here and in their own way crucified them…have taken control of the riches of the world.”

He hated the US and Capitalism. He called himself a socialist but he was a good old-fashioned Communist.

The  Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA), which defines itself as a risk assessment and global analysis firm in Miami, claims that Chavez left about $2 billion dollars to his family. They allege he gave $5 billion to the Castro brothers each year in oil profits, from companies he stole. They also concluded that since 1999, he and his friends in the Bolivian gangs have stolen $100 million in oil profits.

Joe Kennedy made a commercial for Chavez, ignoring his obvious flaws. He played the idiot utiles.

Joe Kennedy shilling in 2011:

Venezuela is the fifth largest member of OPEC, the oil mobsters. Joe Kennedy and Hugo Chavez have an agreement through a nonprofit in which Joe’s nonprofit gets some free oil and Chavez gets publicity as a “humanitarian.”

Kennedy likes to say he is doing it to help the poor but the Boston Herald stated that “entities related to his Citizens Energy Corp. paid him [Joe Kennedy] more than $400,000 in 2003, the last year for which records are available.” Chavez paid him. Read more about the Kennedy scheme here at VCrisis.

Joe refers to the “good people of Venezuela” in his ad, but since everything is nationalized, the oil is coming only from Chavez.

Most of Venezuela is impoverished thanks to Chavez’ communist policies. In 2008, 33.6% of the people were below the poverty level income. The inflation rate was over 27% last year. In 2008, Chavez changed his currency to the “strong Bolivar” when the inflation soared out of control, not that 27% isn’t out of control.

If Joe Kennedy just wants to get oil to poor people, why doesn’t he get it from someone who is not a communist? What he is doing is the same as taking oil from Ahmadinejad or Castro.

In this next video, Joe Kennedy II makes excuses for doing ads for the Chavez-Citgo oil company. He compares differences of opinions over Chavez’ tactics with Bush’s, drawing a moral equivalence between the two.

Celebrities like Sean Penn, whose movies I will not see, were out in full force, praising the dead commie dictator. Barbara Walters added her own kind words about Hugo in an interview with Piers Morgan. She said this about Chavez,”He could be very warm. He was very vulnerable, complained that he’d been married twice, Piers, but had no time for relationship because he was married to his country.”

Oh, right Barbara, he really was married to his country as he amassed a huge personal fortune he stole from them.

The Global Post had a poll asking if Hugo Chavez was critical in challenging Western dominance and empowering the lower classes or did he leave Venezuela’s economy in shambles and wrongly attack the US. Unsurprisingly, 64% believe Chavez was critical in challenging Western dominance and empowering the lower classes. The US isn’t popular and socialism is.

To make matters worse, the US is going to send a delegation to Chavez’ funeral despite the fact that two US military attaches were expelled from Venezuela hours before Maduro announced the death. The US anticipates a thaw in the relationship with a Venezuela under Maduro, the likely winner in the “free” election for dictator. I don’t see where Maduro, a puppet for the Castro brothers, has shown an ounce of weakening in our direction.