Republicans for Gun Control



John Boehner doesn’t feel he needs majority support to pass a gun bill. He can do it with little support. He and Obama do work together quite well as he said.

Referring to the Hastert Rule which dictates that House leadership not bring up any bill for a vote without the support of a majority of the majority party, Boehner said, “Listen: It was never a rule to begin with.” 

Realizing he revealed himself too soon, he added quickly,  “And certainly my prerogative – my intention is to always pass bills with strong Republican support.” It’s his preference but he doesn’t need it when it comes to gun legislation apparently. [Breitbart]

Senator John Boehner, who has already caved repeatedly on every fiscal deal (remember the fiscal cliff?), said this on Thursday while the national gun debate is raging.

Harry Reid thanked John McCain, the faux Republican, for helping him beat the gun filibuster.  [washington examiner]

What do these Republican leaders stand for? Are they self-immolating? We will see.