John Kerry Is In Hiroshima Giving a Quasi-Apology, a Prelude to an Obama Apology

Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor.
Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor.

Americans are already dreading the prospect that President Obama is going to make a visit to Hiroshima to apologize for our use of the atomic bomb against Japan in order to end the war before hundreds of thousands more Americans died. We need to apologize for winning the war. Obama would prefer we have lost by letting them kill our young men and women.

Reportedly, a final decision has not been made but aides to the President “have begun exploring the possibility of Obama spending several hours in Hiroshima” when he is in Japan in May.

Hiroshima is only a short hop away from the Group of Seven summit in Ise-Shima and as long as he’s bent on dismissing America and promoting full  nuclear disarmament, we can expect he will go to apologize.

No sitting president has been to Hiroshima but Kerry is there now visiting Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial, the only surviving building near the site of the bombing. It’s probably a dry-run for the apologist-in-chief.

John Kerry

John Kerry, a colossal embarrassment as Secretary of State, hinted that he’s sorry about our actions in World War II.

Kerry said at the memorial, “I want to express on a personal level how deeply moved I am and how honored I am to be here as the first secretary of state to visit the beautiful city of Hiroshima. It reminds everybody of the extraordinary complexity of choices in war and of — what war does to people, to communities, to countries, to the world.”

He should be frustrated that the Emperor wouldn’t call an end to the war and wanted to continue it until every last man was dead.

The president tying the visit into his nuclear disarmament meeting sends a message that we made a wrong choice in the war when the fact is the Emperor would not end the war.

Long Island congressman Lee Zeldin is concerned.

Congressman Zeldin listed some of Obama’s apologies and described his bowing and scraping in foreign lands and then suggested that Kerry messaged an apology in Japan. This is a theme from the administration.

Obama is Commander-in-Chief, not apologist-in-chief, and as leader of the free world, it is not his job to make unilateral concessions and apologize for what made us great, Rep. Zeldin said.