John Kerry Is Out Calling Americans Flat-Earthers, Last Week We Were Baskets of Deplorables


John Kerry is at it again. Mocking opponents as he pretends to have advance knowledge of the future of crustaceans on the sea floor. We have the highest level of acidity in the ocean in fifty million years, he said. Of course we can’t measure that but it would be a shame to burst Kerry’s bubble.


Everyone who doubts global warming is a flat-earther.

Kerry wants to regulate and dismantle our industrialized society and replace our energy sources with inefficient, costly and unreliable alternative energy because, in his arrogance, he believes we can change he weather with a less than 1% alteration in man’s possible contributions to the currently stagnant phenomena of global warming aka climate change.

Man and animals are forcing the weather to change, Kerry claims, and must be controlled by the one world globalist society he envisions.

Kerry, who has no science background,said, “So we now have the highest rate of acidity and the highest rate of increase of acidity in the ocean in fifty million years. And believe it or not scientists have the ability to measure that.”

No John, we can’t.

Most pH sensors produce questionable data, and ocean acidification monitoring stations are growing in number but remain sparse.

Climate Central wrote, “Acidity levels in different parts of a sea can be as variable as weather on land, with ocean currents, water pollution and the presence of carbon dioxide-guzzling plants all having an influence. That’s why it’s not possible to extrapolate data from monitoring stations and vessels to assess acidification rates in all of the tidal nooks and deepwater crannies of an ocean.”

You are wrong John.

If you question him, you are a flat-earther to be mocked. That is something like a basket of deplorables.

There is no questioning the vastly exaggerated science of global warming, which now only exists in computer models, cannot be questioned by man, by science, by anyone .


  1. Well, considering that all this is coming from a traitor, a climate change lover, an idiot, I am in favor of calling him out. He is so stupid that ignorance uses his picture as a logo for it. So, call me a flat-earther, a deplorable. All of this is better than being called a john kerry which is equal to being called a moron.

  2. John Kerry is pathetic.
    He is a worthless subject to be mocked himself.
    One : the Earth is not flat so the term flat earthers is inappropriately stated.
    Two : he is associated with the ” allowances” ; by the federal government and institutional personel ; for longtime continued prisoner abuse, deaths , rapes and neglect to continue against American prisoners.
    Three : if you remember a leak in 2014 of one of his visits to my people land in Jerusalem..where he was quoted as saying Americans are screwed… despite whatever Administration is voted in. And made direct reference to treasonairy acts being done by he Barack Obama , the Clinton ; nd other politicians adoined with them. And of illegal arms deals with opposition foreign dignitaries, being done.
    this he thought was said in private motel room… though obviously not. And he was ocerheard. And made public about it.
    Four: there is nothing peaceful about this man ..
    who looks like he’s been on a binge of drugs or alcohol, before stating this ignorant statement.
    Five : anyone who denies that God is in control of the very creation of weather , humans ,animals..
    Which he has made and control..
    is just flat-out uninformed and confused.
    Six : And we Hebrews don’t want to hear what John Kerry has to say..
    he’s a liar ..
    he’s not for peace ..
    and he’s a degenerate.and a waste of God and Israel’s time.
    Seven : I’m sure when God comes he’ll Enlighten the people of how ignorant they’ve been.
    He said they are the blind leaders , leading the blind ,
    and they all fell into the pit together.

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