John Kerry Seeks to Lead Troops He Sold Out


When it was thought that he won the presidential election, John Kerry’s aide came in and said something to the effect, hey old horse face, may I be the first to call you Mr. President? It’s a nickname that has stuck.

Besides running for the senate and the presidency, John Kerry is famous for docking his boat in Rhode Island so he wouldn’t have to pay Massachusetts taxes, taxes he helped raise and raise.

Before all that he was a faux war hero who helped demean all military heroes during the Vietnam War.

The alleged Vietnam war hero, John Kerry, who threw his medals out after the war, gave testimony before the world denigrating our entire military in 1971. He is the man Barack Obama is considering to head the Department of Defense.

Few cases of abuse by US troops were uncovered during and after the Vietnam war. John Kerry tried to say that war crimes were a routine occurrence:

John Kerry won personal acclaim from the far left, including terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, at the expense of our military heroes:

John Kerry was a radical who took part in a staged media event with the likes of Jane Fonda called the Winter Soldier Investigation. The stories were mostly debunked. Click here for a Q & A on John Kerry’s irresponsible dissent.

Soldiers who risked their lives and fought for their country in Vietnam had to remove their uniforms before leaving the plane on their return home so they wouldn’t be called “murderers” and have tomatoes pelted at them. John Kerry’s contribution to these acts of betrayal was enormous.

John Kerry claimed he took part in war crimes and I find him frightening:

John Kerry’s past presidential run was hurt in part by some questions regarding his war medals.

The Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth spoke to the questions regarding Kerry’s war medals. Not all the veterans who spoke out were Republicans.

They said John Kerry received three purple hearts for what appeared to be extremely minor “flesh wounds” in only 120 days and none required hospitalization or surgery.

They said his Silver Star was for shooting a badly-wounded, unarmed, fleeing Viet Cong in the back, after he was said to have fired a B-40 rocket at Kerry’s boat,

Kerry’s Bronze Star was for “saving” Special Forces officer Jim Rassmann. Kerry’s fans inferred he dove into the water under machine gun fire to save the Green Beret. John Kerry said he pulled Rassmann aboard his swift boat after the Special Forces officer managed to swim to the side of the craft. [How does that merit a Bronze Star?]

The Swift Boat Vets for the Truth said that Rassmann was knocked off Kerry’s boat after an explosion rocked the craft and another swift boat was blown out of the water. John Kerry left the area quickly. The official explanation was that he had to drop off agents further down the river.

None of the crews reported enemy fire. Kerry was the only swift boat that left. The others stayed for an hour.

In this video, John Kerry says that US soldiers are terrorizing women and children while Iraqis should be doing that:

As Secretary of Defense, John Kerry would have under his command the Department of the Air Force, Department of the Navy, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Pentagon Force Protection Agency and the Missile Defense Agency, among others.

Everyone is talking about how absurd it is to recommend Susan Rice for Secretary of State, how cynical is it for Barack Obama to recommend John Kerry for DOD? I’m convinced the president is simply trying to get that revenge all his fans voted for.