Joking at California’s University System Could Be a Hate Crime



Don’t joke, tease, or make a disparaging comment at the California university system because you could be reported for a micro-aggression that just might get you in hot water for creating a ‘hostile climate’. ‘Unwanted jokes or teasing, derogatory or disparaging comments, posters, cartoons, drawings, or pictures of a biased nature’ are unacceptable acts of intolerance.

Reports can be made anonymously without repercussions to the reporter.

Hate speech is defined as any speech, gesture, conduct that might incite prejudicial action or violence against someone because of sex, race, color, ancestry, gender, gender identification, origin, religion, and disability.

I guess dumb blonde jokes are out. This must mean Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah will get reports filed against them if they joke on one of these campuses?

Remember Janet Napolitano, the former DHS Secretary, who became the head of the California university system? She was famous for some of her politically correct verbiage such as calling ‘terrorism’ a ‘man-caused disaster’ because she wanted to get away from the politics of fear. Calling things what they are is not acceptable.

She’s instituted strict PC policies on the campuses which conform to her leftist views. For example, you can’t say ‘America is the land of opportunity’ because minorities who don’t think it is will be insulted. It’s also verboten to say ‘There is only one race, the human race’ and ‘I believe the most qualified person should get the job’ because they are micro-aggressions.

The University of California’s systemwide intolerance report form, offered online, is described as a way to report actions or statements inconsistent with the system’s “Principles of Community.”

Grounds for reporting are:

  • Expressions of Bias
  • Hate Speech
  • Hate Crime
  • Graffiti/Vandalism
  • Intimidation, Bullying or Physical Violence
  • Bias Incidents
  • Hostile Climate
  • Other Campus Climate Issues [The catchall]

They inform the students they have the option to report bias incidents to their County Human Rights Commission or City Human Relations Commission. They also tell the students they can file a police report.

You can report the intolerance anonymously which leaves the accused without due process and an opportunity to face their accuser. The anonymous accuser is promised immunity from repercussions.

Their webpage does say that some “acts of bias may be fully protected expressions of speech” but this has a chilling effect on free speech.


Source: The College Fix


  1. Usually people make jokes of things they have problems with. For example, if a student hates school or classes he attented he’ll make jokes of teachers, classes, etc. This is funny and you relieve your stress. Although this is not the best way-out. And like a blogger from custom writing company advises you should change your life in order not to live it miserably.

  2. Just another institutionalized form of limiting free speech to appease ultra sensitive individuals that have been produced by out of control political correctness.

  3. With jesuit Herr Napolitano running the system, who could be surprised about kommie no-speak flags being waved.

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