Jon Hammar Tortured in Mexican Prison

Jon Hammar
Jon Hammar

For anyone who hasn’t followed the story of Jon Hammar, he is the retired Marine who was arrested for trying to register an antique bird-hunting rifle on the Mexican side of the border while he was traveling to Costa Rico on vacation. He suffers from PTSD resulting from his gallant service in Iraq and Afghanistan,

He was unequivocally innocent but the Mexican officials locked him up in a prison controlled by the brutal Zeta (Cedes) cartel. He was put in the general population and beaten – tortured – until the diplomats belatedly intervened and managed to get him put into a storage locker where he was chained to a bed and starved with little water.

Prisoners are “full-blown” mobsters, he said, some of them serving up to triple life sentences.

His guards threatened to behead him, he was beaten, starved,  deprived of water, and his parents were extorted for money. [freebeacon] There was more, his father said, which Jon shared with his family and friends.

Jon was unable to appear on O’Reilly’s show on Friday, January 4th.. He is getting better physically but his father is concerned about his mental state.

The reasons for his imprisonment probably have something to do with his being a Marine and obviously they wanted to extort money from his family.

Bill O’Reilly who was instrumental in getting him released, while our President and Secretary of State said and did nothing, had the first exclusive last night.

Why are we given billions in aid to these people and allowing open borders between our countries? They hate us.

I will not travel there again. Costa Rico is a far better place to visit and I’ll fly there.