Jon Kaiman of North Hempstead-Is He Attempting Taxpayer Theft?

Taxpayers Will Pay For The Country Club They Can't Use & It's Only The Beginning
If you live in North Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, you get to pay your hard-earned money for a country club that can only be used by rich people with the proper pedigree. The Roslyn Country Club needs money so they are going to the taxpayers to steal their money. You will see much more of this as the government takes more and more control over you and your money.

If the rich in Manhasset want a country club, then they should pay for it themselves.

The following is from a North Hempstead mailer by the concerned taxpayers:

SUPERVISOR JON KAIMAN and the North Hempstead TOWN BOARD want to purchase the Roslyn Country Club withYOUR TAX DOLLARS!
Let’s see what you, the taxpayer, get for your money:
Increase in Your Taxes: The town does not pay property taxes so the taxes that are currently paid for by the Country Club will now be paid by YOU, the taxpayer.
BUT  you won’t really have access to it!!!

Country Club Membership: Not only will your tax dollars pay to purchase the Country Club, you will also have to pay approximately $2000 a year to be a member. No membership dues, no access.
Subsidizing the Country ClubDon’t be mislead by the town that the Country Club will be purchased with the help of grant money from the state. The cost to purchase, operate and maintain the Country Club will be paid for by you, the taxpayer.
The purchase of the Roslyn Country Club may be great for Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the Town Board, but bad for taxpayers. Let the Supervisor and the Town Board know that private business should remain private.
Demand that the Roslyn Country Club remain private.
Vote to take place on July 12, 2011 at 7:30 PM
At Town Hall – 220 Plandome Road, Manhasset, NY.
All residents are encouraged to attend. If you cannot attend, please email Supervisor Jon Kaiman at or call (516) 869-7700 and tell him
NO NEW TAXES for a COUNTRY CLUB we can’t use!