Josh Earnest Says Trump Will Have to Make 2 Announcements a Week for 8 Years to Equal Obama


What do you think? Are these people delusional or just bald-faced liars? During the White House presser, Kevin Corke asked Obama spokesperson Josh Earnest if he wanted to walk back his previous nasty comments about the Carrier deal. Josh sounds like a spoiled wimp as he answers, saying the “bar is high”.

Obama lost 800,000 manufacturing jobs during his tenure by the way.

KEVIN CORKE: “You were taking a shot when you said, ‘Well, he has to do it over 800 more times to get where we are.’ Given the sensitivity of the people on the ground who are concerned about losing their jobs, you want to walk that back?”

JOSH EARNEST: “No. I am not doing anything other than welcoming the announcement from Carrier that stands to benefit potentially a thousand workers and a thousand families in Indiana. Rough math would indicate it trump President Trump is fortunate enough to serve two teams he has to average two of these announcements a week, every week of his eight, year presidency in order to meet the same standard. So, the bar is high.”


  1. Trump wont have time to go tv an make any announcements he’ll be to busy fixing what Obama has done to our country.

  2. mr. ernst is a tool. i have no sympathy for him ’cause he understood what the job required when he took it.
    looking ahead, there will be a problem for the incoming administration that no one is talking about. as mr. trump’s economic plan becomes reality more folks will be returning to the workforce, ‘many’ more. this will cause the “unemployment” number to rise and the left will use that stat like a sledgehammer vis~a~vis the msm. i know that sounds counter-intuitive but most of us don’t understand that the present rate of 4.9 is a statistical chimera. 80 million people have been sitting on the sidelines since 2008 waiting for things to get better; their numbers aren’t included in the bureau of labor and statistics calcs and when the job market improves they will enthusiastically enter it in disproportionate numbers. not all of them will be successful in the first eighteen months and the magical ‘unemployment number’ will rise accordingly…b

  3. Trump weekly Announcement to the American People : I’m working hard making America Great Again. !!

    I haven’t played one game of golf, I’m not bowing to our enemies apologizing to them why We are Americans and I’m lifting every regulation that strangles business by erasing every Leftist, Unconstitutional pc of Legislation that Obama has self-imposed.

    God Bless You. God Bless the United States of America!

  4. Correction: It’s not ‘announcements’ it’s ‘pronouncements.’ Wannabe King Barry I always thought his word should be law.

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