Joy Behar Wants Trump to Step Down Before the Inauguration


Joy Behar is basing her conclusion that Trump must step down on a lie. She said he is discrediting the CIA, which he is not doing. She also wants to know if we have to wait until the hammer and sickle are on our flag. Of course it is the leftists Democrats who are trying to take away our rights and silence opposition, not Donald Trump.

Donald Trump trusts the CIA, he doesn’t trust the media reports or the word of Democrats.


  1. I wish Joy would leave the View by Christmas..if not sooner. I have yet to see her inject a valid point into any conversation. Stick to comedy Joy. Apparently it’s the ONLY thing you can do !

  2. Er, wasn’t it the CIA who claimed Iraq had WMDs it turned out weren’t–costing us trillions, plus all the death and destruction? Nixon didn’t trust the CIA either, knowing it was a rogue element! (After learning The Bay of Pigs thing was all a set up, with its operatives given orders to murder the expatriot political leaders who were to establish a new gov. If the invasion succeeded!) Real glad trump’s wise enough not to be their lacky, and praying they don’t do to him what theve’ve done to many others who got in their way!

  3. They are the most misinformed and deliverers of “fake news”! This is an opinion show and that is all it is!

  4. You should just stick to comedy Joy, Cause your a joke and a bad one at that !!! Why not support and try to respect our country’s choice to Make America Great Again !!!

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