Joy Villa Sets Off a Furor on the Red Carpet in a Trump Dress


This definitely isn’t what Kevin Ehrich had in mind when the producer told the musicians to get political at the Grammy Awards. A little known singer named Joy Villa came dressed in a Trump dress.  The front says, “make America great again” and the train in the back is emblazoned with the word “Trump”.

She was up to 25,000 tweets before the show even began. Villa surpassed Lady Gaga who came dressed in revealing leather attire.

The tolerant, civil left do not like the dress or Ms. Villa. They say she is a crazy Scientologist and are posting photos of her at one of the awards where she was barely dressed, calling her a Red Carpet troll. One wants her killed.

The left wants people to feel free to speak as long as they say what they want to hear.

People on the right admire her guts.

In a recent vlog, Villa shares how she overcomes much of the criticism she has received. She encourages aspiring performing artists to “tell the haters to eff off, because they have no say over your life — and as a performing artist, people are going to criticize you ’til you’re black and blue.”


  1. love it when a brave American independent free thinking woman sticks it to the left…God Bless her bravery and well you lefties can kiss my butttt..fricking sorry as losers .

  2. Hooray for Joy Villa. Never heard of her until this moment but she proved herself to be better than anyone else at the Grammy’s last night.

    The best part, I imagine were the thousands of Progressive moonbats who sold their dignity and soul for a contract choking on their ecstasy tablets….or whatever while guzzling Cîroc.


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