Juan Williams, Rich Corporate Shill, Wages War on Rich Women

I have foot-in-mouth disease!

I mute Juan Williams whenever he comes on the TV screen because he makes little sense. He made even less sense last night. Juan thinks that a woman who helped her husband succeed, raised five boys, overcame breast cancer and has MS is somehow skating in this life.

Juan called Ann Romney a “corporate wife” which was nothing more than his pandering to the members of the left wing who want to pretend they are fighting a Republican war on women. The lefties don’t even like him. Now I don’t either.

When Ann Romney spoke last night, I felt she was speaking to me as a woman. She didn’t tell me I needed free birth control or access to unbridled abortions. She didn’t belittle me because I believe in God or value family. She talked about love. She is the woman I relate to.

Maybe Juan is looking to get fired again.

Why is he on Fox? Isn’t there an available position for him on MSNBC? I understand why he was on NPR, but why Fox?

Juan, who is rich himself, decided to condescendingly judge Ann Romney up by her appearance as he said she “looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her, and she’s been very lucky and blessed in this life. She’s not speaking for the tremendous number of single women, or married women, or separated.”

He then said, in a spurt of Bolshevik blabbering, “She’s a very rich woman. I know that and America knows that.”

Juan also insinuated that Ann Romney is dishonest when he said that she did not convince him that, ‘You know what, I understand the struggles of American women in general.’

So, remind me why they need to put a leftist operative like Juan on Fox News. This dribble went much further than the usual presentation of opposing viewpoints – he was waging class warfare and furthering the faux war on women. He attacked a woman who has suffered quite a bit in her life from physical misfortune.

Conservatives and Republicans came to Juan’s rescue when NPR fired him unfairly for expressing his personal opinion but should the right protect him when he unfairly maligns our presidential nominee’s wife?

Today, Juan tried to say he wasn’t insulting Ann Romney. Really? Insulting her veracity and demeaning her struggles is not an insult?

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