Judge Jeanine Blasts Hillary for Her Vile Insults Against Half of America


During her show on Saturday night, Judge Jeanine did not hold back in lambasting Hillary Clinton for her vile comments against Trump supporters. She insulted all Trump supporters in her original comments and in her statement the next day — she has a lot of hate in her for half of America.

Hillary called millions of Americans “deplorable” and “irredeemable” and the rest are just losers who want change and don’t care where they get it — even if it means voting for a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe.

Watch the judge:

The Judge also satirized Hillary’s aides smashing the evidence — Blackberrys that had been subpoened by Congress. She bought a hammer and smashed the Blackberrys on the street, following it up with an interview with the man on the street. Listen to the tall white-haired man who will vote for her no matter what — he doesn’t care where he has to go to get his views enshrined into our government.


  1. “Racist, Sexist, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes”

    As a proud member of the basket of deplorables, I very much appreciate Hillary finally, at long last, making one honest, heart felt declaration. No matter she just trashed more than 14 million Americans – and that only includes Republican primary voters, omits the huge majority of Independents, those disenfranchised Democrats and common sense Libertarians all who are supporting Donald Trump.

    There are bottom line, core differences between the Right and the Left…and these basic differences should evoke much thought and concern. The two points are critical:

    While the Right may disagree with their opposition, they will defend to the end the Left’s right to speak. Conversely, the Left will go to any and all extents to SILENCE their opposition.

    Indeed in every political race, each side wants to win but, the Right fully appreciates the NEED for opposing parties in a Democratic Republic. The Left is HELL BENT on transforming America into a single party system, THEIR party and none other. There are other labels to describe the Left’s perfect world, it is also known as Marxism, Communism, Socialism.

    There simply are none so radical, none so, not “inclusive” but exclusive than what the Democrat party has evolved into over the past many years. These are angry, hostile people who will back and support their candidates REGARDLESS of WHAT or WHO they may be.

    The sentiments Hillary expressed with her, “basket full of” remarks happen to be what most Democrats/Liberals/Progressives believe. Their bullying, intimidating tactics know no boundaries in that efforts to silence all opposition. This is, after all, what every good, oppressive regime is made of.

    Does anybody believe Mr. Mateen Sr, sitting on stage directly behind Hillary at a rally was simply a faux pas? Juxta position Hillary extending her “heart felt” sympathies to the families of the Orlando victims while the FATHER of the shooter sits behind her wearing a Clinton hat. No way…that was Hillary sending a covert message to her many Islamic benefactors, “no matter what I say about the Orlando terrorist attack, I’m still yours.”

    Where the Left and the Clintons are concerned, there are never any coincidences. There is good reason they have some what successfully bullied Trump supporters into silence. Just as in the last presidential election, Voter Fraud will pay a big part of their strategy. A great number of Trump supporters will not openly admit their intentions to vote for him. Dishonest polling numbers will give them political cover for all those fraudulent votes in November.

    That Hillary’s disgusting remarks were not extemporaneous but delivered via a prepared written and rehearsed speech clearly demonstrates just how depraved and sick minded are the ideologies of the Left. Apparently, they fully believe their own lies and deceptions. Ironically, these are hallmark qualities of every successful sociopathic personality.

    So Thank You Hillary for finally telling so many millions of Americans what you really think of us.

  2. From: “Why America Must Not Follow Europe,” by Daniel Hannan — Encounter Broadside No. 19

    “Later accounts of the revolution generally portrayed it as a national uprising –as, indeed, a War of Independence. But this interpretation depends on a very selective reading of what the patriot leaders were arguing at the time. They saw themselves not as revolutionaries but as conservatives. In their own minds, all they were asking for was what they had always assumed to be their birthright as Englishmen. The real revolutionaries, as they saw it, were those in the Georgian Court who were seeking to impose a new settlement, in contravention of the ancient constitution: one that would tilt the balance from legislature to executive and open the door to oppressive government.” p.46

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