Judge Jeanine Doubles Down on Arresting Corrupt Officials, Offers a Concise Summary [Video]


There’s not much that one can say about this opening statement except that Judge Jeanine doubles down on her belief that some in the FBI and DoJ need to be dragged out in handcuffs. The summary she gives is concise.

It’s for you to decide if she’s right.


  1. Judge Jeanine for Attorney General, she tells it like it is. Rodney RosenSTAIN go home and practice criminal defense for parking ticket violations, You stink, and Bob Mueller, stop dragging your Bronze Star around through the mud. Jim Comey, say Hi! from Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, (you sold our constitution down the drain,) Jimmy Boy…..Stop tweeting those holier than thou tweets, you are on corrupt POS

  2. They’re going to have to build another prison just to house all the sinister lawbreakers in the FBI, CIA, DNC, and Clinton campaign who have conspired, no colluded, to interfere with the presidential election, and then went on to create a fake investigation. They are the ones who need to be investigated, and their time is coming. Lock them up, and throw away the key!

  3. Judge Jeanine is not the only one……………Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom called disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a “total moron” who belongs in Leavenworth federal prison, during a TV appearance on Thursday. Last week, Kallstrom said he believes there is a “Fifth Column conspiracy” within the FBI designed to “destroy President Donald Trump” – and the agency may have committed a “serious felony”

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