Judge Napolitano Makes a Shocking Pronouncement About Hillary’s Supporters



Judge Napolitano sees Hillary Clinton as her own worst enemy. He believes that she is not handling the email situation well politically. Lying about the email uncovered by the Inspector General won’t help. It couldn’t possibly be about a drone story reported in the New York Times as Hillary claims.

The secrecy of intelligence operations discussed in the Top Top Secret emails is so high level that the FBI agents investigating Hillary did not have a security clearance level sufficient to read the emails she kept on her private server.

The Judge believes that the charge against her is so serious that Democrats will leave her in droves if a recommendation for an indictment is made by the FBI.

It makes sense. People do abandon losers, especially criminals.

In prior interviews, the Judge has said The FBI will recommend indictment. If this is the case, her proverbial goose is cooked.