Judge Napolitano on Why Obama’s Excuse for Hillary’s “Carelessness” Won’t Wash


Chris Wallace interviewed Barack Obama on Fox News Sunday and asked him about the Clinton email scandal. Surprisingly, he answered the question.

One of the more absurd things the president said is that there’s classified and there’s classified. Hillary wouldn’t deliberately endanger national security, he added.

Judge Nap said there is no room for flexibility in a classified communication. Even if it wasn’t marked as such, it was Hillary’s obligation to know that.

Bill Hemmer asked Judge Nap for his guess as to why the president answered the question to which he came up with three possibilities.

Barack Obama might have answered Wallace’s question to minimize her culpability or undermine her. It could be a dog whistle to the FBI but that would be absurd after they went to such lengths to investigate. Judge Nap referred to the hacker Guccifer who has been extradited to the US so he could be interviewed about Hillary’s emails.

Judge Napolitano said that the president might have hurt Hillary Clinton a bit because he called her careless which is negligence under the law.

The president was a bit reckless saying there’s classified and there’s classified, Judge Nap said. He took an oath to follow the law and the law is that if it’s marked “classified” then it must be treated as such.

Judge Nap added that the president may have a conflict of interest because he has a duty to allow the Justice Department go where the evidence takes them. Does he want to be a witness? The most sensitive emails sent were to him or by him. Why didn’t he notice they were sent from a nonsecure venue? There were no us.gov tags on the communications.