Jumah Is A No-Never-Mind but DNC Mystery Guests Spark Interest



While it disappeared from the DNC calendars, the Jumah prayer did happen, quietly, at the beginning of a series of hundreds of events surrounding the Democratic convention [Washington Times].

The prayer took place in Marshall Park and it was open to non-Muslims so they could share information about their faith with anyone who was interested.

Extremist leader, Jibril Hough, whose Mosque is owned by the Muslim Brotherhood, did open the event and made a point of saying the Jumah was not endorsed by the DNC.

Odd that the Jumah was on the DNC calendar and then removed when the blogs caught onto it.

About 500 to 1000 were in attendance and the organizers claim they will have 20,000. The activities will continue for three days.

It has basically bombed. The only disruption was from a Christian group who were allegedly loud and quarrelsome.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of talk about who the DNC will have as mystery guests. Some believe one will be a hologram of Ted Kennedy. That would definitely be worse than the Clint Eastwood speech. That bit came out of Twitchy.

I frankly don’t care who they have. They are spending us into oblivion. We simply can’t afford FOUR MORE YEARS, no we can’t.