Kagan Needs to Recuse Herself on Obamacare

Me Lie?

Is no branch of government safe from the over-reach of our current Executive? Is Alinsky-ism at work in Kagan’s approach to honesty?

49 House members want an investigation into her involvement in the planning of the defense of Obamacare when she was Obama’s solicitor general. It seems that what she said at the time of her confirmation hearings she said something quite different than what actually transpired now that the FOIA has released critical communications.

This is from the House members letter to the House Judiciary Chairman: “We respectfully call on the House Judiciary Committee to promptly investigate the extent to which U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was involved in preparing a legal defense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) during her tenure as Solicitor General,” the lawmakers wrote.

“Contradictory to her 2010 confirmation testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently released Department of Justice documents indicate that Justice Kagan actively participated with her Obama administration colleagues in formulating a defense of PPACA,” wrote the 49 congressmen.

“Regrettably the Justice Department has been uncooperative to date with repeated FOIA requests that seek the full body of relevant emails from the Office of the Solicitor General that would reveal the scope of Kagan’s involvement in PPACA defense activities,” the congressmen said.

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