Kaine Attacked Trump as a Putin-Lover But Think About Who Threatened War with Russia


Tonight’s debate between the two VP candidates kept going back to Russia because Mr. Kaine pointed it in that direction.

Tim Kaine lodged constant insults against Mike Pence and Donald Trump but he especially wanted to talk about Russia and push the bogus argument that Trump is the one who holds an inexplicable admiration for the Russian dictator and dictators in general.

Hillary Clinton is the one who would more closely fill that role. The woman who gave away a US uranium mine and US technology to Russia and China, who supports Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon in about nine short years, and who has a strange affection for the Muslim Brotherhood, is the woman we need to fear.

Mr. Kaine was asked what went wrong with the Russian reset and he put the blame on Putin. The administration he and Hillary are tied to has decided to just not talk to Putin any longer while Putin once again looks to expand the Russian empire and there is nothing standing in his way.


Hillary will handle Russia as Mr. Kaine said but not in the way he said it. She is ready to go to war with Russia over cyber attacks. She is the one who shouldn’t have the keys to the nuclear codes.