Kamala Harris Sees Socialist Ideas As Bold, Good for Dems to Discuss


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said that it would be good for the United States of America to discuss the socialist policies that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has proposed during an interview on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday.

Kamala Harris is on the verge of announcing a run for President in 2020. Harris is on a book tour to prepare for her presidential campaign. As a leading candidate who has met with the party leaders, she is dangerous.

While on The View Tuesday, she made a point of praising the radical ideas of Socialist/Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She said it’s good for the party to discuss them.

Drilling down to basics, Democrats are entirely on board with socialism, but not just any socialism. The ideas they are calling for are those employed by Venezuela at the inception of its destruction.


“I think she is introducing bold ideas that should be discussed, and I think it’s good for the party. I frankly think it’s good for the country,” Harris said.

When asked if she thought discussions of Socialist ideas would divide the party, she said no.

“No, you know I think she is challenging the status quo. I think that’s fantastic,” Harris continued.

These type of ideas led to the deaths of about 100 million people and a devastating war seventy-eight years ago.

Harris was a teacher, she said,  was required to defend a premise and question if it’s still relevant.

Harris said. “Let’s look at the bold ideas, and I’m eager that we have those discussions. And when we are able to defend the status quo, then do it. And you know, if there is not merit to that, let’s explore new ideas.”

The overwhelming problem with these discussions is the left won’t allow right-wing opinions in general, and when one does slip through, the opponent is maligned and destroyed.

The Cortez ideas outlined by Meghan McCain were: get all cars off the streets and levy 70 to 90 percent tax rates. The idiots in the audience cheered.

Lazy Karl Marx, the great unwashed one, is the theoretician who did not have facts.

Don’t forget, Barack Obama was incrementally implementing socialism.


  1. Kamala Harris is extremely dangerous and she has traction. She needs to be watched and hopefully obstacles thrownin her path to power. She is the face of the Commiecrats, now replacing Obama.

  2. . Now Cortez is the darling of the left. Seen regularly on MSM networks. Avenatti, Hogg, Stormy, used to be seen constantly but where are they now ?
    Stupid gets old quickly. Cortez is definitely stupid most of the time. Hey Kamila Harris,do you actually believe, like Cortez, that we can shut down every single plant that provides 80 PERCENT of our energy and rely on wind and solar? Someone that dumb deserves to be ridiculed. Not praised you idiot, please run for president in 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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