Head RINO Schemes to Steal the Election with a ‘Fresh Face’



GOP consultant Karl Rove wants a ‘fresh face’ as the Republican nominee, someone no one voted for. He thinks this will unite a fractured party.

“A fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win in November against Hillary,” Rove told Hugh Hewitt, the syndicated radio personality.

“If we have somebody who we think has been battle-tested, and has strong conservative principles and the ability to articulate them, and they are nominated at this convention, there will be a lot of acrimony from the people who were seeking the nomination.”

“But if it’s somebody who has those convictions that they can express in a compelling way, we could come out of the convention in relatively strong position.”

“In terms of being able to match somebody head to head against Hillary Clinton, that’s going to be difficult to do,” Rove said.

Hewitt asked if Trump was electable and said, “how do you recover from a 30% favorable, 63% unfavorable, as you note in your column today?”

Rove said:

“Look, I don’t think it’s possible. You know, he claims that he can be presidential when he needs to be. If he wants to change those numbers, he ought to start acting in a presidential manner, whatever he thinks that is, because right now, his numbers are abysmal. I mean, 30%, no one has ever been nominated for president with numbers this bad. And nobody has ever won the presidency with numbers anywhere near this bad by the time of the election. Now maybe the numbers are pliable for him. I doubt it. But he’d better show us some evidence by July 18th that he can change these numbers. He may be popular inside the Republican Party, though he has only gotten an average of 37% of the votes. But among general election voters, he’s more than 2-2-1 negative.

Cruz, he believes, is “somewhat” more electable than Trump, but like the billionaire developer the senator from Texas is behind Clinton in a number of polls.

In the audio below, you can hear him explain how it’s been the rule forever that a ‘fresh face’ can be nominated at a brokered convention. He believes that Ted Cruz is wrong to say that the only candidates who should be considered are Trump and Cruz.

There are probably a lot of people who have had it with the candidates because they’ve been so vilified but is this right?

Millions of people have voted and their votes need to have some value. Trump, however, is at 38% with Republican voters but there is a legitimate concern over his unfavorables. Trump’s unfavorables are at 60% in the GOP overall, only 19% of Hispanics view him favorably, and 73% of women can’t stand him.

Both parties have corrupted the vote in the primary. Bernie can win a state by a large margin and walk out with four delegates. The delegates choose the nominee out of the gate. A Superdelegate is equivalent to 60,000 voters. In the Republican party, they apparently wait until all the votes are in and if they don’t like the choice, they bargain for a new nominee at a convention. It could be anyone after the first or second vote.

Tom DeLay says that Trump wants to mandate the convention turn his plurality into a majority. Does he have a point?


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