Karzai Is Certifiable: Let’s Cut His Aid



The good war isn’t working out so well.

Chuck Hagel, our new Secretary of Defense, was greeted by a couple bombings upon his arrival in Afghanistan and now Hamid Karzai, recipient of billions in aid from the US, is blaming us for the Taliban attacks. Karzai said we basically colluded with the Taliban to keep Afghanistan unstable so we would have to remain in Afghanistan.

The last thing President Obama wants to do is stay in Afghanistan. He’s actually fleeing.

Aside from the fact that Karzai is corrupt and his brother was a major drug dealer, he might be mentally unstable.

He wants Bagram Prison turned over to Afghanistan. I’m sure that will go well. How long before those terrorists are back on the street? They were perfect candidates for GITMO.

We should cut his aid and open up the White House to public tours and give tuition assistance to our military. Last month, Fox reported that a billion dollars we gave in aid to their military disappeared.

Full story at the NY Times