Karzai Okays Taliban Terrorist’s Run for Afghan Presidency

President Mullah?
President Mullah?

Our soldiers put their lives on the line to help the people of Afghanistan – to save them from the brutal forces of the Taliban. Karzai, who continually takes pot shots at our nation and our soldiers, was asked by a German newspaper reporter if the Taliban terrorist, Mullah Omar, could run for office. He said he could.

Karzai is more than willing to turn the country over to the very people we tried to save them from.

via CBS News

Karzai said in an interview published Tuesday by the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung that authorities have “sporadic contacts” with the Taliban. He said that the Afghan constitution is valid for all Afghans and “the Taliban also should benefit from it.”

Asked whether Mullah Omar should seek the presidency, Karzai was quoted as saying: “He can become a candidate for the presidency and give Afghans the opportunity to vote for or against him.”…CBS News

Mullah Omar sheltered Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda forces. He is believed to be leading the Taliban insurgents against US and NATO troops. Karzai has said Omar is a puppet of the radical forces in Pakistan.

Who wouldn’t want Omar to be president, especially after ten years of our military sacrificing so much for the people of Afghanistan?

So much for the Democrats’ “Good War.”