Kerry Admits EU Faces an Existential Threat as “Widows and Orphans” Head for the US



John Kerry admitted yesterday that Europe is facing a near-existential threat because of the terrorists and the refugees and his solution is to ship unvetted refugees here so we can share in the misery.

“The United States of America understands the near existential nature of this threat to the politics and fabric of life in Europe,” Kerry told the Munich Security Conference Saturday, according to the the State Department’s transcript of his remarks.

“As we know, 50 percent of the people now knocking on the door of Europe — with a whole industry that’s been created to try to help move them and some very perverse politics in certain places that turns the dial up and down for political purposes — half of them now come from places other than Syria. Think about that — Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan,” Kerry said.

Kerry said that the “staggering humanitarian crisis” is posing “unprecedented challenges” and affecting “the social fabric of Europe.”

“I want to make it clear to all of you: We in the United States aren’t sitting across the pond thinking somehow we’re immune. We’re not sitting there saying this is your problem, not ours — no. This is our problem,” Kerry said.

That’s true. The administration is going to import refugees from terrorist nations and they will be vetted by the UN. The UN uses natives from the country they are fleeing or some nearby country.

Obama plans to take at least 10,000 in this year.

People need to realize that John Kerry is on the far left and always has been. Obama is as well.



Barack has really been truthful with the American people, hasn’t he? Listen to the arrogant jack tell Americans Republicans are scared of 3-year old orphans and widows. Now we find out they know it’s an existential threat.