Kerry Found Talks With Lavrov ‘Constructive’ Minutes After Lavrov Said They Weren’t



After several hours of talks with John Kerry, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed there was “no common vision” between the two nations — although he described the dialogue as “useful,” according to USA Today. Don’t you wonder what “useful” means to Lavrov?

“We don’t have a common vision of the situation,” Mr. Lavrov said during his appearance after the talks, which he nonetheless called helpful in clarifying the seemingly intractable positions. “Our differences remain.”

Within minutes of Lavrov’s remarks, Kerry not only said the talks were “constructive” but he said that Russia has legitimate concerns. Kerry basically said he prefers to keep up this fruitless dialogue and offer his good ideas which Lavrov has no interest in.

Kerry sounded weak and dishonest or maybe he is delusional.

Lavrov is going to abide by the referendum of the Crimean people who will most assuredly vote for secession Sunday.