Kerry’s Ignorance Lots More Dangerous Than Sterling’s



While the media has been absolutely on fire over Donald Sterling’s racist comments, John Kerry’s racially charged, demeaning language directed at the state of Israel has been kept well under, or even off the mainstream’s radar.   How is it the L.A. Clipper’s owner’s ignorance is so much more news-worthy than that of our Secretary of State? Because broadcasters and writers want to drive the first story and bury the second.

Sure, Sterling’s bigoted rants are extremely offensive and certainly worthy of condemnation, but are they likely to affect our nation’s relationship with a long term ally situated in one of the most volatile regions in the world? Not very likely. On the other hand, Kerry’s smearing Israel with the racist term, apartheid, could have severe, destabilizing, and even deadly international repercussions.

Dopey Donald was caught making private, repugnant remarks to a ditzy, likely conniving mistress, while Kerry was recorded making his statement before members of the globally influential Trilateral Commission.   The billionaire’s conversations with his paramour will be pretty much buried in the dust bin of history soon enough, but Secretary Kerry’s slander will have an extended shelf life, guaranteed to be resurrected at the convenience of Israel’s many enemies.

How long and how often will Kerry’s own words be used against the Jewish state? Consider the probability of anti semitic, dangerous global actors frequently reminding their radical followers of the International Criminal Court’s definition of the “crime of apartheid”. The ICC defines it as “inhumane acts… committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”

Sterling’s inflammatory remarks have caused an overwhelming majority of Americans to react with anger and outrage. Kerry’s incendiary assertion will surely be used, either in public or private to stoke hatred for Israel. What’s ironic is both men are confidently making allegations that have proven them to be woefully “out of touch” or worse. Mr. Sterling sounds like he’s living in Jim Crow California. That’s bad enough but, Secretary Kerry’s apartheid reference is worse still because it’s disproven by a simple census check showing roughly 20% of Israel’s population is made up of Arab’s enjoying Israeli citizenship.

Donald Sterling has been dealt with swiftly and decisively. He’s been punished with a life long ban from the National Basketball Association and a $2.5 million fine.   The announcement was made by the NBA Commissioner within days of the owner’s repulsive opinions coming to light. Secretary of State John Kerry, on the other hand, remains at his post days after his inappropriate and dangerous declaration, while as of this writing, President Barack Obama remains silent.

Hey Mr. President. How bout a $2.5 million fine, which John could easily afford, and a life time ban from any policy making position in our, or for that matter, any other government….before his ignorance gets a whole lot of people killed.