Some Key Debate Highlights – NY Values, Citizenship, Guns, VAT Taxes, Early Online Polls


debate1It was a loss not having Rand Paul on the stage because of what he can offer on the constitution, economics and other issues. He deserved to be there more than at least two, maybe three of the other candidates. Some of Paul’s supporters were there.

John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson appear to be finished. Christie will be finished soon and will last as long as his success in New Hampshire. They could have the next debate with just Rubio, Trump, and Cruz. It’s hard to know if Paul can get his poll numbers up in time for the next debate.

The only thing I remember about Kasich’s speech is his father was a mailman and the government creates jobs.

On Iran, Cruz said, “And I give you my word, if I am elected president, no serviceman or servicewoman will be forced to be on their knees in any nation that captures our fighting men and women. We’ll field the full force and fury of the United States of America.”

Trump and Cruz debated over citizenship. Ted Cruz went back and forth with Donald Trump about his eligibility for President, at one point even bringing up Trump’s mother.

Rubio and Christie duke it out. Christie nails Rubio on much of this if what all that he said was true. Rubio didn’t come back at him which was a mistake. Christie most definitely supported tough gun control as recently as 2013. Read about that on this link. Outside of Kasich who said government creates jobs, Christie was probably the biggest RINO out there.

Ted Cruz’s brilliant statement on the Second Amendment.

Trump, Rubio make compelling statements on gun control with Rubio saying the Second Amendment is not an option.

Rubio, Trump, Cruz debate about China, the VAT tax. Cruz and Rubio debated the amnesty question again which was a repeat of the last debate.

Trump, Cruz debate on NY values. Megyn Kelly and her crew declared Cruz the big loser in this but Cruz was talking about certain social values such as abortion, not 9/11 which is what Trump made it about.

While Ben Carson advocated the flat consumption-based FairTax, Marco Rubio took issue with the VAT tax he claimed Cruz is proposing. Cruz disputed the idea that the tax in question was called a VAT, instead referring to it as a “business flat tax” and in turn denouncing Rubio’s top tax rate of 35 percent. heavy Drudge Report drudge Fox 5 Fox5 Right Scoop Poll right scoop

The blaze

the blaze

Far, far left Salon says the Democrats won. The New York Times says the winners were Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, which was iterated by Politico that also claimed the panel was too soft in their questions.