Khamenei’s Yelling ‘Death to America’ Again But It’s Not Like It’s an Insulting Cartoon


death to America
The Ayatollah is leading Death to America chants again but thank God we are going after Pamela Geller for her cartoon contest. At least we have our priorities straight.

Pamela Geller, now under a Fatwah to be  “slaughtered” because of her cartoon contest, is being demonized for “hate” speech by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and by many mainstream outlets. However, when the Ayatollah Khamenei screams “Death to America, Death to the Hypocrites, Death to England, Death to Israel,” we are told he doesn’t mean it by the administration. The SPLC and the media ignore it completely.

As the non-deal nuke deal is being reached, the Ayatollah is once again leading Death to America chants without criticism.

We can’t wait until these people get the bomb.