Khizr Khan Is Baaaack to “Finish Off Trump”


Hillary Clinton is bringing Khizr Khan around with her to “finish off Trump” according to the anti-Trump media. A Brett Baier show on Coyote News is reporting – as fact- that Trump “insulted” Khizr Khan’s wife. Trump never insulted Mrs. Khan, but no one in the media will tell the truth.

He has some questions for Mr. Trump and the answer to all of his questions is “yes”. Hillary is the one who classifies people and puts them in baskets.

Mr. Khan is the Gold Star father who took to the stage during the DNC convention to vilify Donald Trump, waving a Constitution, claiming Trump should read it. Actually if Mr. Khan would read it, he would discover that Barack Obama has been violating it non-stop for nearly eight years.

If Mr. Khan understood it he would know that nothing Trump proposed violates the Constitution.

Mr. Khan is bulletproof because he is a Gold Star parent and the Clinton media is in on his role in diminishing Mr. Trump.

Far-left journalist Glenn Greenwald said something that is exactly true: “The U.S. media is essentially 100 percent united, vehemently, against Trump, and preventing him from being elected president”.

Few wondered where Mr. Khan came from and who he is but outlets like the Daily Caller did post some research.

As it happens, Khan is an immigration attorney who has written in a law journal about Sharia law and it’s purity. He was the co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law [Sharia Law].

Khan wrote “Juristic Classification Of Islamic Law” in the Houston Journal of International Law in 1983. His article specifically states that the Quran and the Sunnah are the only sources in Muhammad’s lifetime that “were recognized as binding.”

“The Shari’ah-was completed during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammed, in the Quran and Sunnah. This brings up an important fact which is generally overlooked, that the invariable and basic rules of Islamic Law are only those prescribed in the Shari’ah (Quran and Sunnah), which are few and limited,” Khan continues to write. “All other juridical works which have been written during more than thirteen centuries are very rich and indispensable, but they must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah and open to reconsideration by all Muslims.”

Sharia is in direct opposition to the US Constitution and they cannot co-exist.

In that paper, he cited Said Ramadan, a Muslim Brotherhood icon and a dangerous man.

Mr. Khan lived in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and has that as his cultural background.

The firm Khan used to work for has ties to the Clinton Foundation.

Mr. Khan used to work for the firm Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has deep ties to the Clinton Foundation and possibly Saudi Arabia. The firm’s owner is a Clinton bundler.

Trump had proposed a temporary immigration halt from terror nations and Mr. Khan runs his own law firm now called KM Khan Office which specializes in “immigration services” to bring Muslims into America. His immigration law firm’s website once showed that he deals with a legal program that allows anyone with $500,000 to buy US citizenship.

His website was offline for a while but it’s back now minus the information on the EB-5 visa programs he deals with. The Wayback Machine in January of this year, has a snapshot, of his site that showed he aids: E2 Treaty Investors, EB5 Investments & Related Immigration Services. These programs are fraught with corruption.

This is the screenshot:


If you go to his website now, you will see the visa program information is missing.


He appears to be hiding something.

Mr. Khan states that he is a loyal American who does not advocate violence and until we know otherwise, we won’t speculate that he is anything other than a courageous Gold Star parent and committed American, however,he is probably tied to the Clintons and comes from a background of sharia law.

More research needs to be done.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are like mobsters and they’re good at it. They are the Bonnie and Clyde of politics who might have found Mr. Khan or perhaps he contacted them. It has all the earmarks of a typical phony Clinton attack. The Clintons like to feign concern for others but the others are always those who can further their political agenda.

Mr. Khan’s loss of his son 12 years ago is not phony but the set up he engaged in was. It was a trap.